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To patsy for tweeting in of menards acceptance speech at the new jersey broadcasters hall of fame last night watching a little bit abandoned reiniks city but now we must move on all matters of extreme importance a net loss in speaking but are the bernie briefing sponsored this morning by my pillow since up in arms not here gunzelman has that is the what are the main briefing items this hour by the way should point out next hour our buddy gordon chang of call in to talk about the press in trip to asia which is just about to begin but what do you have in the briefing so you mentioned about donna brazile house she's coming up this book saying that other fix it was in hillary was supposed to uh you know they were knocking allow the democrats were not going to allow bernie sanders to get the nomination there was no way about it not going to happen so anyway jake tapper brought back an old donald trump tweet from last year and tapper actually said you know what well maybe the president was right owner of tell you something then candidate donald trump tweeted in may of last year bernie sanders is being treated very badly by the demo grant the system is rigged against them many of his disenfranchised fans are for me i i don't know what that last part although certainly some went cyber donald trump but that tweet aides well haiti and turns out he was right he was ever louis wreck so i mean you can't deny that right that is a guest nodded donna brazile got the inside scoop and now she was also the one members she was the one that allegedly gave the leaked hadreas is she should imboula it was an alleged she did she is she two during members maggie kelly was going after her she was at cnn is a contributor and she gave questions yet to hillary too when they're having a town hall but events on cnn debate life it before head that's right it always speaking of trump here said i'm talked about something what we are setting record after record.

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