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Show Iranian politicians chant death to America out of respect for George Boyd just like the American left not Emma WMAL this is the Ben Shapiro show so big story of the day New York times has now fired its opinion editor it's just an amazing amazing thing it's truly incredible de the complete collapse of American journalism in real time distortion to wash their hands the woke brigade so for for decades there is the assumption that the media we're there to provide quality reporting and also the op ed pages were there to provide a wide variety of opinions and you're the reason Overton window even one full and not use writing for your op ed page but if you were to say something to fifty eight percent of Americans agreed with and there's a long history of doing take road not bad about how if local authorities could not handle right including the fed should be called in which is exactly what senator Tom cotton wrote the Republican from Arkansas at the behest I mean you're transgender yeah that would be perfectly acceptable now it is not acceptable it has been deemed unacceptable why was no acceptable unacceptable because he woke staffers at The New York Times complained it was dangerous runs a shop at now you're gonna have to explain me why it is dangerous to suggest that if you can get riding including under control you call in the feds why is it dangerous to whom is that dangerous they said it was dangerous to black New York times staffers why we're black we are ten staffers riding and looting if they were less criminal activity they probably shouldn't be working for the gray lady yeah but they they literally fired their op ed editor for having run a piece from a sitting senator that fifty eight percent of Americans agree upon data here's the story from The New York Times it's an astonishing revelation because they've now basically endorsed the idea that they are slight our salon dot com I can open left wing publication they're no longer going to pretend reporting is going to be infused with the joy of leftist aggression and their op ed page is just going to become an open weapon I'm have let's go away I'm kind of grateful because we all knew this within your times was anyway but now the universities have been captured by the radicals this this is very reminiscent of the nineteen sixties when you have students on college campuses we have a bunch of communists and anarchists would basically take over a college dean's office instead of the team calling the cops and get these kids the hell out of here you take what can I do for you yes you will you can you can declare as adversity requirements okay I'll do whatever you want and professors would resign I didn't this is never come to America's newsroom so well done everybody according to The New York Times James Bennett resigned on Sunday from his job as the editorial page editor of The New York Times days after the newspaper's opinion section which he oversaw published a much criticised op ed by US center calling for a military response to civic unrest in American cities no no by the way New York times had to correct the speech in regional phraseology of this piece suggested that senator cotton called for a military response to protests in American cities explicitly did not call for a military response to protests he called for a military response to looting and rioting but they had to change the story age pretend that the that the actual OB I was calling for protesters to be shot so they could argue for why it was wrong from the op that right to the York times lying about in your times editorial process which in turn was lying about Sanders on cotton it's unbelievable AG Salzburger pencils by the publisher said last week we saw significant breakdown in our editing process he's not the first we've experienced in recent years in a brief interview souls were added both of us concluded that James would not be able to leave the team for the next leg of change that is required what is the next leg of change an excellent of change I could you not is the new York times telling people if they have an objection from an op ed if they're offended by now but they should let the op ed editor now so now the woke staffers it's actually edit the paper it's taking over the it is taking over the entire editorial page and they banned basically anyone they do not like in the name of freedom in the name of free speech genius and also a virtual meeting on Friday Bennett fifty four apologized for the op ed saying it should not have been published and it had not been edited carefully enough in others no public posted late Friday noted actually actors he's the one on any needlessly harsh phone needlessly harsh tone then you're literally been calling senator cotton a terrorist it is he wants to murder Americans civilians and needlessly harsh tone of the checks their op ed page every other day calling trump Hitler needlessly harsh tone the op ed I center some cotton of Arkansas I had sent in the troops as its headline it said one thing above all else will restore to our streets an overwhelming show of force to disperse detain ultimately deter lawbreakers the piece drew anger from readers and times journalists Mr Bennett's with fall from one of the most powerful positions in American journalism comes hundreds of thousands of people have marched in recent weeks in protest of racism in law enforcement and society the protests were set in motion when George Boyd a black man in Minneapolis died last week after being handcuffed and pinned to the ground by white police officers ni the firm has reached other newsrooms to on Saturday night stand which which now ski resigned as top editor of The Philadelphia Inquirer so why okay which now he by the way that is an amazing story this guy thought Alfie in choir you spent twenty one years there yes dramatically diversified the newsroom in terms of race is increased number of black and Hispanic people working in the newsrooms dramatically dramatically it was a minority representation to twenty seven percent of the editorial workforce that's a doubling in the last four years and what happens when he does go wrong spelling out the Enquirer editor he published a piece with the headline buildings matter to this is not just the black lives not matter it was just that when you bring the link is a bad thing he was forced out they fired him he stepped down as senior vice president and executive editor why because they're a big zoom session people were mad you were very mad rule according to The Philadelphia Inquirer the session turned intense and emotional some journalists could be seen in two years and there's no friends all their crying on June shut it down shut it all down people crying on zoom well my can present him every day during school doesn't mean they shut down the school critics black and white denounced the pace of change in the paper sharply criticising both coverage and racial and gender mix of the staff several journalists pointed out the newspaper could only muster one male black reporters who covered the protests and police response involving a city that is majority minority so you so you're going to decide who is the best water based on race sounds great hours after the range was in session about fifty journalists of color signed an open letter calling for faster change the paper the following day most of minorities after the day off from work in protest it literally didn't come in because they ran an article called buildings matter to they didn't come in you know what happened if we run it as well and I approved and then our staffers incoming executive offended it would all be on the front lines the next day all the unemployment I would fire all of them because you cannot run a business where your staff we're pulling the staff it's insane it's insane again this guy was a liberal the increase to the minority representation the paper to twenty seven percent which is pretty good because I'll be I'll be Frank with you if you look at and and you talk to people at it a lot of these newspapers they're seeking desperately minority reporters and journalists and they're not getting the surfeit of applications that they're seeking this guy was ousted because people were crying on human decided not to come into work which would be a fireable offense get back to the New York times during Mr Bennett's first year on the job two times national security reporter is publicly objected to an op ed by Louise mensch beside her own reporting on U. S. law enforcement reported minority moan purported monitoring of the trump presidential campaign times reporters who covered the same story were skeptical of her claim well some people didn't like some of the stories around over the course of many many years and it worked in healthy jobs in the times newsroom in nineteen ninety one until two thousand sixteen he was considered a possible successor to deem the cat who is running the newsroom for six years obviously he's very bad by the way this guy's a brother Michael Bennett was the U. S. senator from Colorado in a note to the opinion staff on Sunday the the person who's taking over him Katie Kingsbury declined it should kind of for the article she said that eight until a more technical solution is in place what is directly reference any piece of opinion journalism including headlines or social posts or photos you name it it gives you the slightest pause please call or text me immediately is using the the editorial page editor is changing tires down if an op ed gives you the slightest pause contact me and we'll talk about taking it down insane insane I mean not unpredictable and I'm really enjoying the Tom cotton's piece was not well fact technical Hannah Jones U. sixteen nineteen project Pulitzer Prize winning essay was riddled with errors and four separate Pulitzer Prize winners came out and said was garbage there's no call Hannah Jones explaining that fact check it we we can just run anything we can't just run anything everything else immediately fact check except my pieces are just full of crap there's a call Hannah Jones who is the new editor of the paper so who regulations according to Jones we do absolutely believe that his views in the air that is necessary that we know that someone with this power things this way but that's a different thing altogether than simply allowing someone to say things that are not true to make assertions that might be unconstitutional without a check many of us journalists said they should have just been a news article where his views were aired but in a way that was factual because we know we are struggling with Americans getting this information and our role as journalists is to give people correct information so they can make decisions yeah that that is her role as a journalist as you correct information information like violence is not burning down a building and also the second man was created to keep black people down and also seventeen seventy six was partnered preserve slavery all of which is crap and all which is written well amazing fact checking going on over the New York times I mean they're they're coming out of the closet now with regard to what exactly this newspaper is for so there's a piece bye bye Ben Smith over the new York times talking about the shift away from that news were simply editorial coverage and he cites the case of Wesley Lowery Wesley Lowery is a guy who basically was tweeting activism from Ferguson Missouri in the middle of the Ferguson protests so here's the piece remains that Wesley Lowery woke up in the first cemetery on August fourteenth two thousand fourteen this chic sort more police officers smashed into a vending machine is wondering how to get a shoe laces back in was built shoes after the police took them when tossing in a holding cell the night before around eight thirty that morning he dialed in CNN's morning show where host passed on some advice from Joe Scarborough and MSNBC what next time a police officer tells you got along because you got right outside well you probably move along what Larry responded I would invite Joe Scarborough's come down from this and get out of thirty rock we sitting sipping his Starbucks smugly and we had to make an account at the time having your gastronomy and rubber bullets shot of me having mothers daughters crying of a nineteen year old what crime is going to run and police twenty one year old sister and a cloud of tear gas the outburst from the twenty four year old Washington post reporter provoked I was in Washington but now you don't want to make his name in person as an aggressive in high profile start shipping the wrong new national perspective on racial injustice six years later a few in the news business got Mr Lowry's promise and we are complete a more brutal and dishonest and much of the media came of age pre partition reported now Larry is an activist as well yes how do you know he's an activist because he was asked about the Washington post about this yet nature reprimand because he was getting too political they said well you're frequently expressed views that are political in nature and impact on the ability of the post designer stories about which you've expressed those views for example he was constantly tweeting out all of his political viewpoints in his report and some posters like what you really shouldn't do that because you are a reporter and meanwhile you know he like a lot of other like a lot of other political reporters they were they were signaling right they were doing things like actually marching in hands up don't you protest which began was based on a false lot just an actual wideout Michael brown well now all of these journalists to become openly accidents and Alex young who is.

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