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Or something like that. That's a nice nice little short track you can. The driver comes out a little bit more than maybe at a superspeedway or a mile and a half track though schools. David get behind the wheel. Maybe not one last time but another other time this year. It's like it's like you know nothing ever changed. She's behind the wheel of a car at home and he's going to be behind the wheel on twenty twenty starts as well as on. He's asked him successor. restrictor plate tracks. We know that even though they don't really run our sector but anymore you know what I'm saying he's wanted basically or he's one of the day before so I think you can't really count him out. I mean you can't really count anybody out when you go to those two tracks. But just 'cause David Reagan's a little bit on the older side which isn't really true because he's in his thirties. I think he'll be. I'm somebody to watch US speed. We kind of get rolling. Yes so the interesting thing about that is. It's a rick ware racing car. This can be prepared by front row motorsports who gets credit for the win if he wins. Yeah that's it. You get the checkered flag checkered flag you just the trophy you get the trophy you get the money you get the money. If if it's all about that and I think David Ragan he knows what's on the line is not a point. It's not gonNA be raising points. It's not gonNA be racing to make friends. It's going to be racing for the win and when you have drivers out there that don't have anything on the line other than and bring him back the trophy. That's dangerous. So that's why I think he might be somebody to keep your eye on. How wild would it be? What a what MIC DRP moment would it be if he just punts chase Elliott on the final APP for the five hundred? JP He'd probably go from one of the most universally likes guys one of the most universally hated guys in that one but that'd that'd be something just an instant changing of how we feel about him. No doubt one third of the wheel and everybody ate them. That'd be wild So we also saw Another interesting truck series development. This off season David gravel will be going from dirt racing which he'll still do some of that this year but he's doing okay part time truck series schedule with GM racing That's kind of interesting and I do not pretend to know anything about the raising of dirt race in my life and that was evolution last year during speed week and I was. I made a rookie mistake of not bringing glasses. Some people were like. Oh bring your face but I'm saying okay You know whatever and then I get there. I'm getting absolutely pelted with dirt. And I think I'm still picking it out of my sinuses. I digress plot. Or they're trying to say is. I think it's really cool. When drivers drivers from other disciplines just in general come over to other forms of motorsport whether that's IMSA NASCAR NASCAR INDYCAR mccarter Nascar Formula One for Indycar? It doesn't matter and I think that Nath car and dirt racing in general have floors a unique bond in the past half decade. or so. And I think Tony Stewart Kyle Larson Christopher Bell You know there's other drivers as well chase Briscoe. M. R. N.. NBC doing well stuff. Endure the racing. He's going to be competing at the Chili Bowl as well. Rico abor. There's a ton of names on. Its own of crossover with dirt racing and you you would not have. I've been able to say that you know. I don't know six seven eight years ago. Maybe a little bit longer than that. Because that's just wasn't the case but now it seems normal. Drivers compete compete on dirt on asphalt. NASCAR whether it's truck Xfinity Cup or even down in Arca West Africa East or national. So I think it's super cool that they have a gravel doing on some good equipment when he does it as well. 'CAUSE GM says no slouch at all definitely heavy bringing great sponsorship as well Alta and. I'll have a partnership with Jeff Gordon as well. So a lot of that bodes pretty well for David. Grou- going forward I guys I got a guy got it break up the love fest here. you guys will be back toby and Davey in mere moments.

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