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So talking about this roster, Max you brought up in a counter. Now, I like Evan. If Evan Valenti were here with us for this show. Evan was not excited about the the cancer re-signing said, I can't do anymore, enes Kanter minutes, you know after what he saw in Boston a couple of years back. I for one, you know at a certain point in time Max you look at roll. You look at salary, you look at all of it, you know putting a team together and enes Kanter for one year in the Veteran's minimum wage. What two point seven million dollars for what he can do off pensively for what he can do. As a rebounder. Yeah. It's not the best defensive player. He's not even a good defensive player. But for what he can do in those other areas and plus as a glue guy, a lock room, Gaya, podber teammate, all that when there was reported friction in the locker room. Tristan Thompson among others last season. To me. It's just such an easy value-add. It's such an easy value-add and if he's, you know, for for any reason unplayable in the mind of, who dhoka, because you need to crack down defensively and you just, you can't put them out on the floor, you don't? You don't because like you said, you got William shank. Well, you got a boyfriend and be off each X the boxes to me. Yeah, because you said, you know, just playing defense, maybe not have nothing but offensively getting second-chance opportunities. Tough off-set mean pics. Locker room guy, great guy. That really his teammates have been braced him. 2.7 million a note for for you. That's low peanuts. But oh, yeah, in that in that respect. I think it's a steel. Yeah, Springer. And he was already familiar with the guys who he he's playing with now in brown and Tatum. So I I love his pickup. I love the fact that you bring him in and said that you may be moved on. You know, the one guy I'm going to miss a little bit. It's going to be semi you shoot me over your way. Yeah, cuz I think he was With bands and everybody else. I think he was a little underrated because he was, he was solid. He was a solid Defender. We we we did. Mike do wage, didn't like the fact he was shooting threes all the time. We wanted them to go towards.

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