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Let's begin your day. During this mystical time. Ancient peoples, spilt sacred, Bonfires to eight the sun is slowly surrendered to the darkness of winter. Today light a candle during a moment of meditation. Focusing on your ambitions. What is your long term goal and what is your short term goal? How can you feed them today? Now, take a moment to reflect on your relationships. You may be in hibernation mode today. If you're. Not. Up. For. Company don't Fret. Take the night to rest up and eat well. You'll be ready to socialize when you're emotional batteries are recharged. Contemplate your path to personal growth. There's a saying that goes creativity is intelligence having fun. Scorpio, you are one of the sharpest signs in the. Zodiac. US. This cleverness to make something you're proud to put your name on. Scorpio today is a daily podcast follow on spotify to make it part of your morning routine. If you're interested in learning more about your sign download the sanctuary at from the apple APP or Google play stores get your first reading today and follow sanctuary at sanctuary world on instagram. That's s ANC. T. U..

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