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Hope i was short all are members looking up at the end you can't see the crowd all you see as the lights about i'd were likely to it awards shows that i've got i got all the lights and i'm starting to think about all of the lights at are locked in need then i lost my knees and i'm starting black out of here conway kagame i had an basan way to cali twitter using and that's why i sat down so you'll except now you don't know what will award you want a night i don't what do you think what are you up for what you want what are you want on what do you want to my knowledge we are up for best coupole and that's that's it i don't know what else i was up four weren't you up for best charity of the day mike altitude apple a day apple a day apple a day was up for best local charity so obviously they they they aired in the nominations had put my couch this name in there but if that one than you would be the recipient of that too since apple a days basically yours in the type of air i would i would i would love to accept out awards so there is a good likelihood that either in addition to or instead of best couple in the bay with you and phoebe you'll be accepting the award for apple a day yeah i don't think we're waiting best couple and phoebe pbs not going tonight because she doesn't think that dough we're gonna win either so oh may i we're not going to leave our baby behind all accept the charity award i would love to accept that what if you do when the best couple and you know but he's still wet weather out there i mean i it just wasn't here's want to show up she's not getting anything at all sure i understand i would leave your baby behind an mingle hey that's how drake do it works well but i heard that we might have one for apple a day so i depth on it makes from there but if they say might couch is apple a day i think.

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