President Trump, Boeing, ABC discussed on Atlanta's Morning News


Now Yussef Salama, the exonerated five joins a push for criminal Justice reform in Atlanta, as part of the campaign celebrities including TI pay bond to get dads out of jail for Father's Day. India, ramps up tariffs on American imports goods targeted and in Disney tariffs include almonds and apples, as well as chemical products and we'll be hit with levees as high as seventy percent ABC's, Jillian, McFarland calls it a retaliatory move after President Trump withdraws India's preferential trade status. The president dislikes it when other countries run a trade surplus with the US Republicans press Democrats to come up with more money for border security, Jamie Dupree in Washington with no action yet on over four billion dollars. Requested by President Trump GOP lawmakers in congress are turning up the heat on Democrats to hold votes on money to deal with the surge of illegal immigration homeland security is isolating thousands of migrants to contain mumps outbreaks at detention centers read more on Jaime's blog at wsbradiOcom execs at Boeing attend the pairs. Airshow distress. The company's focus on safety after two fatal crashes evolving. Seven thirty-seven max aircraft. We have worked to do to regain their confidence, and the confidence of the flying public FAA has yet to sign off on Boeing software updates southwestern American Airlines keep Max's grounded through Labor Day, a North Carolina mom uses the fine my friends app to track down her daughter, after the seventeen year old MRs curfew, ABC's, Lana Zak says she saved her child's life says her car hydroplaned flipped three times and landed twenty five feet down into where we're Wien Macy was trapped under the car for more than six hours, a teen suffered a fractured neck. In other injuries, WSB news time seven nineteen traffic update has delays already building a Georgia four hundred and less than two minutes..

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