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This is a tweet did he tweeted out a little while ago there was no agreement yet on daca and then he went on to say the paul ryan and uh and others are are behind him on that programme so we'll have more updates on this coming up tomorrow morning we're going to get out of here you guys have a great day it'll be friday when we speak again now i have a good day by charlie james in the morning stimulating tonkov a cumulus station darker disorder nursing home tragedy i'm john trout president trump departing the white house for florida this morning with the first lady to tour areas hit by hurricane erma is denying assertions by top democrats that they have a an agreement with him that will preserve the daca program humor the president concluding there with the comment we have to get massive border security very seems to be some confusion among washington lawmakers as to wear the deferred action for childhood arrivals program stands donald trump pointing to a key issue following a dinner with the president last night a joint statement from house minority leader nancy pelosi and senate minority leader chuck schumer claimed an agreement had been reached on daca and republican congressmen steve king had a warning for those seeking measures that do not include a hardline approach to socalled dreamers i worked for thirty years or the respect for the rule of law with regard to emigrate and now we are and they're doing that and that trump announced by the other day on daca and alec era going downhill pretty fat and we'd better put it back together or other the republicans will be done in two thousand eight and 2020 an investigation continues into how eight residents of a florida nursing home died after the building lost power during hurricane erma michelle callahan says she pulled her mother out of the home prior to the storm i basically felt that they are very understaffed tim any patience not enough nurses and certify nursing assistants i felt the communication between the staff let's not mary gad the incident brings the death toll in the us related to hurricane erma to forty one us stocks are slipping with technology and health care companies taking some of the biggest losses facebook down one point three percent in early trading i'm john trout dan do you at tanga play cats imagine three hours of.

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