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Much to talk about if you live in New Jersey right now huts in Delaware crossings all in fine shape traffic every fifteen minutes next reported nine thirty three home Jeff from New Jersey one one point five as to whether some clouds overnight low thirty three mostly sunny but windy and blustery colder tomorrow if you like tomorrow you're going to news news red you know the role the so the New Jersey won a one point five for you choose three fifty the only thing yeah well you do weekdays we talked and weekends we it's one one point five Mr Saturday night Brian here and one thing leads to another today January fourth leads to my birthday so and this warmer like summer Jersey chime time is nine thirty four bobble Brian here phone number here in the studio like up and down the dial most of the radio stations on a Saturday night pre recorded we're always live here so you can actually talk to the person on the microphone one eight hundred two eight three one a one point five that person being me and now Jeff prom with New Jersey fashion Bob relatively traffic why Brooke relatively late night traffic was I should say across the Great garden state we do have some wet roadways out there's you certainly want to take it easy and as a result of that we do have a vehicle that spun out on the New Jersey Turnpike.

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