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How are you? I'm good phony. And my sympathy, the about your mom. Thanks, appreciate that. Thank you. No problem. I've been there too. Real quick. And I'm just gonna fold if the I'm taking a quick break, well, working on a refrigerator, letting the ice thought on a coral. But I was glad to hear that the danger filter, by the way, so Edwin doesn't have to stand around and get paid for not doing anything, while the coil because you didn't put a new filter anyway. Refrigerator. Okay. Gotcha. Anyway. We're quick hope in my opinion, then I'll listen to your answer on the radio. I was kinda hoping that you would ask them like, are they going to do anything about what he said that little girl, because I completely agree under ten percent with it true, what he said to that little girl. And she should really that could be really engraved in her mind. But I think that was appropriate because I wouldn't want to see a big. I like that. Try to jump year old girl. The thing is. I'll let you go. I know you got to get back on the job. Now appreciate you. Listen on at work. Thanks, man. In. That is it's damned if you do, damned if you don't because the, the armchair, quarterbacking is well, Kevin Brown should have tackled her. He shouldn't have used a taser. Okay. So now you're putting it risk, not only the girl getting tackled by person who's twice probably more than twice or wait, Kevin Brown. Looks like the big guy and also putting in jeopardy the safety of Kevin Brown who could could blow his knee out he could. And now you're talking about taxpayers footing. The Bill for rehab for time off time away from work. He tackles a girl in, of course, it happens all the time, where people fall funny special eleven year old girl taken out by police officer. She's got a heavy backpack full of stolen goods on her. She hits her head. She lands twenty broken arm broken leg. Maybe a closed head injury. God forbid, she has a brain bleed something like that. So something minor turns imagine what would happen in the court of public opinion. If Kevin Brown went uses tasers, and something like that hap-. The risk is greater if there's. Contact from officer to suspect than it would be from tasers a suspect. And I will also add into winds comments about officer Brown's, telling her that, okay. This is the problem is that I have to work this off duty detail at the spring grove Kroger. I'm the same skin pigmentation. You are. And one of the problems in the city is that theft in stealing causes stores to close happens all the time. It started active Avondale come all these, it goes on, and on, and on, and on, and Kroger has to hire listen. I live in Mason and. And again, if you think somehow that you don't think that folks and Mason, or white folks, don't have problems your crate. Everybody's got problems. Everybody's largely ninety percent of the problems, we all share ten percent of the problems may be specific to a culture. In this case it's at ten percent. We're talking about with Kevin Brown and this little girl. But in Mason, we don't have security guards there, because does not really that big a deal. It is in the city, I get and I get why in the reasons why. It's just how it is. But he's right. In saying that, listen, this is why stores close, and we don't have any because of this, and we hear about all the time, what food deserts can't get food. Got to go to a convenience store behind glass, and there's no fresh fruits. It's because of stuff like this. Furthermore, the other element of this thing too, is if you don't think that's true. And I remember talking about this. It was last summer. Reverend Jesse Jackson came to Cincinnati to go to Kroger to protest them for closing. I want to say I may be wrong about this, but it was something like five three or four or five stores, Kroger stores in Memphis in the city, and he said, you know, it's racism, you, you know, you make all your money off the backs of hardworking people have color. And then you pull stakes out. Well, two things with wrong with that race baiting shakedown Jesse Jackson's famous one is why would they put a store in the hood in the first place? If there are racist. Secondly, the reason the stores are closing is not because of the color of the skin. It's because the color of the money, money they're losing. They can't stay in operation. As a matter of fact, they store on vine street, that's going to close is the only Kroger store. That reports a loss every year and the reason they keep that store openness because it would be bad for Kroger. From a PR standpoint of marketing standpoint and optic standpoint to close a store like that in our own backyard in the shadows their on tower. So they lose money at that site. The new one has so much high tech in relative to loss prevention that's going to be not impossible, but more difficult for, for people to do what they do. And so we have that an inconvenient truth is wait a minute. You tell me off Brown is wrong. And yet Jesse Jesse comes Cincinnati. And basically says the same, same thing even though he doesn't mitt. He says there's bias here. The reason they're closing guys is because of loss, if a store in her can't afford to keep the lights on pay employs kids, stay in business make money which is what evil companies do whether it's Kroger or a mom, and pop convenience store, then they go out of business that's the reality of this. You shouldn't have to have a security guard in the store, but, but you do and security guard doesn't do his or her job, or they don't have won. The store goes out of business, then guess what they get picketed and protested because, well, there's some sort of bias. It's the race hustle. And that's what's wrong about this whole thing. And it hurts the people in the neighborhood ultimately. So maybe officer Brown's message in my opinion needs to be sent strong going. Listen you know make a connection here. You steal stuff store. Guys out of business. Where's your mom? Where's your grandma? Where's your relatives? Where's your friend? Where are they going to get their food from? We don't want that. We want strong vibrant cities rural areas etcetera. I don't think what Brown did was wrong. I it was the right thing to do. But again, we have cowardice and leadership and a failure leadership that not only put the policy in place. It says it's okay to taser an eleven year old it's okay to a ten year old or nine year old an eight year old or seven year old because that's what the policy said, seven to seventy and then when the officer abide by the policy, what happens they throw him under the bus going, it's our fault. We rewrite that policy because it's politics and politics mean weak-kneed spineless, individuals a lack of leadership, and they knew that the independent auditor was gonna find in favor of Kevin Brown. I knew this but order to save face with the community they through Brown onto the bus. And so it goes five one three seven four nine seven thousand eight hundred the big one in in pound. Seven hundred AT and T. Hey real quick. You let me get the Dave on a sale on seven hundred wwl. Wwl's dave. Okay. Well, thanks for moving onto the goals. I mean, we know your opinion but I know you've got people look, I disagree with you. I think the court of public opinion is this get should have been punished Kevin Brown's should get a medal. I don't know anybody that would fit. That said he did Rome. Right. What, what are you supposed to do? And you know, this was I read you this was a teachable moment fitting out for once again, to a few people here that go, it's terrible. And you know, we're sick of it rolling rolling. It doesn't matter what color you are. I don't understand why someone can't step up and council. Go look. Okay. We're the ones who wrote the policy promise phone. It's our fault. We need to rewrite it. Exactly. I don't know why we have at city council. They're constantly. I mean, I've never seen so many weak-kneed people in my wife is a bunch of squeaky wheel towed. It's the same squeaky wheels, no matter what you do. They're not going to be happy. No, no. They're not. And it's the same squeaky wheel. It does not represent a majority of the population, and I hope to God when the elections come around they vote almost every one of those bums out because they're ridiculous brother matter where you live, and there's the other thing, too squeaky, wheels often, get the grease, but it's a it's exhausting. I mean, you, you could live in a really nice subdivision somewhere far away from the problems in which officer Brown in this eleven year old girl face a daily basis completely different world in you people like I don't know, in a homeowners association, who shipped to the meetings, and go nuts. Over the dumbest crap all the time, there's people out there are professional rabble-rousers, and that's the pride. And you're right, you're right. I'm I'm on the board at my homeowners Asian head. It just. Yeah. You get bigger plate over stupid things. But that's all no Dave. I gotta ask you a question. Are you stupid? Why would you sign up? That's the worst being on the HOA board anywhere is the worst job ever. Now words, volunteer position in America is being the HOA board in any capacity. My wife. All right. Man. I appreciate that. Thanks so much. I appreciate that. You have a great day. It's five one three seven four nine seven thousand eight hundred the big one hundred eight to like Dave said, take some calls, I'm going to do that. I'm gonna get a time out in, we'll be back in about four minutes. Your thoughts on this whole issue put it behind us. But in retrospect, what actually happened that was so wrong. That's the big question here. I see this, a lot of rights happen seven hundred wwl. You're listening to seven hundred wwl hastened, a pleasurable experience. You bet. It is. You know what else is pleasurable throwing a bunch of onions, carrots potatoes and butter in the hot tub before. Getting in it makes you feel like you're floating in soup, and who doesn't want to do that. At bluecross blueshield, our companies take what we learned from covering one in three Americans to.

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