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I would have got old carried off the stain on what it says about me that's like my old timid fantasy of after me during a speech that i would just see reese like approvingly nodding speaking of retha talk about nicole there's a lot of nicole to get into last night she was in a weird mood you could tell on tv and you got to see her in person so i'm dying to hear what you thought about her vibe full i did not actually here her speech that i read somewhere that she admitted she had the flu but didn't she got up and a hug everybody before she so can you explain that to me yes all do the speech part than i can't wait to hear about backstage because i know some of it already so she wine she seemed a little you could just tell she was a little maybe frazzled but you know she just want an award she hugged as scars guard i love watching their awkward dynamic at this point after all that's gone on between though she kind of a kissed him on the cheek but because like making such a point she's never kissing on the lips again then she got to the stage and like she was a kind of crying um and then she apologized sort of for being in the motion will stage she was then and she said she was playing this character has really gotten under her scan um and that she was filming until one a m the night before um is it she was just an acc of cray's state because of whatever this character that she's playing and then she said she also had the flu says it's like a lot off the bat lot of and then and then she like opens up this parchman and she kind of written a speed heart schulman's and then shot are think it yet she starts like thinking first he thanked recent laura her girlfriend and friends than she did a special tribute to jessica lang and susan sarandon a crazy pronunciation of sarande and i can't even do adjusters then she kind of was talking about how she'd always looked up to them as actresses in that lake became a transition into her reading the names of just how actress without a nowhere that she kind of has always admired so she's like meryl streep is about who parily he's reading like.

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