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If it's a beautiful day you're out the Beach Rosa is my to the sun is shining guy be drinking rosa. It's a great one to bring to the beach It's great when in their little juice box containers that you could just take we'll single serving for yourself on the go wherever you want to go. They have a wine for every occasion. Absolutely. So keep drinking that Francia keep tagging us in your post, and we will share it all over social media and Jessica Magliana. How're you doing on this? Lovely not really lovely. Actually, it's raining right now. Wednesday. Morning this is an early podcast for us. We don't usually record at eleven am on any day of the week. Don't even know where I am I know I know. People in its eleven. Am You snug? Well, you know we don't require the podcast early usually. Come out during the day. I say, yeah. We normally record our show around four o'clock. So considering that it is definitely white earlier I've also never recorded in the midst of. Thunderstorm it's thunder storming here. That's not true that can't possibly be true in this house. I don't believe that I feel like we've had some rain in the past five months. No there has been there was one time where we recorded during a thunderstorm with the doing an interview, and there was one time when we did the questions Kaitlyn Bristowe and it was like storming crazy but. They're. GonNa. Darling, different of course areas. Specific moment, right And that's that's all I. Don't know there's something about waking up and it being like rainy thunderstorm where you just. Don't want to leave your house. Well, yeah we're. We're supposed to do something together today if people are wondering why Fran is hinting at the. I I love the rain honestly like when I wake on Audi attack. All Nice. But you don't WanNa go outside. Not really but. At least I won't sweat from walking outside. Yeah. You just get wet what? We'll have an umbrella that's even worse. The reason I know chiming in right now is because we are supposed to see each other all today we're. All be together reunited because we are going to film. A couple of youtube videos we did the story of on Youtube with Haley Justin, Bieber, and also Jonasson Sophie Turner and those seem like they went off well on, but then a quarantine hit so we didn't get to film. So today we were planning on shooting four of them very exciting bites. Francesca to see know the weather is really hold hold on he does not want to get on the train to come to the city and I don't blame I. Don't blamer and this is it's my time taking the train if it happens I, it's. Like being. A person again. Here we You're not as much of a scaredy cat is I am no. I'm scared of what? Like getting. Things public transportation I am kind of I don't WanNa get it but like. Neither do I. Well. Friend didn't you drive to the city last time? I did yes. What's holding you back from driving this time? Rain. Okay also. Also, we have meetings tomorrow. So if I, if if I was to come into the city today I would just stay in the city overnight in which case I don't want to. Bring my car and have to pay to park in a garage. Rene absolutely makes is just yeah. I wouldn't WanNa do that. So if if we were just going in for one day. Let's say Thursday. Cook drive then I was like. Myself in dramas. I I'm I'm really advancing points. I'm seeing both sides of this because I'm in the city already. So there's I have no say I can't be like I. Don't want to today because I'm already here I'm nearly ten minutes away from the office. So yeah, doesn't matter to me but I understand if I was on long island right now like. Two days in a road sounds as. House we all. Have I was yesterday. As well. Yeah Yeah. Well, that's pending. That's rain pending I feel to it is rain pending. Yeah. So anyway, there's that's enough of our daily. Conversation between the while he was Noah, you just said you moved into a new apartment just want to say, congrats, we haven't really heard from you much on this podcast I. Feel like you've been pretty quiet. More what are your thoughts on the new apartment I don't know that. Big Crack Thunder when you said, no. Inside my apartment broken into or something. I mean other than that. That's very exciting I. Know It's Nice. It's actually like exciting to be an apartment that is somewhat nice compared to where Dana. It's not I'm excited. I have windows that I can see things. On like. Are. You going to have like furniture and yeah I plan on getting all I plan on. A desk in. Life Real. I'm trying to make it. Yeah I mean considering the last like you guys you have table in your last minute table, we don't have. For, like six months so man no it injuring any water because he didn't have actually been very hydrated this. Corinthian. Just like to say, Oh, you're I, mean your with your parents I'm sure your mom keeps you hydrated. Like. Bottles Sir Reusable, we did talk about it did yep, he did get a water bottle very exciting news very exciting. Really thrilling. You say hydrated it really is. Noah you guys didn't have couch for six months, but then when you got the couch I. Ever, talked about that in the podcast but returned A to. Literally through the entire Joe through his couch. Heard this well. I. Don't know I feel like we Kinda kept hush hush but I also it was hilarious but I also felt really bad a we used to live underneath Nella.

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