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51283605 90. Now. Here are Todd and done. It is 805 times. Jeffries and don Prior. Good morning here on the top of Don show so big budget votes today in Austin City Hall, affecting our police department and I would think if you're wearing a uniform and you're out there on patrol route there, hit the streets, keeping this city safe. You're probably thinking about this right now. It's your your your employer is about to cut the budget big time and you may be wondering how it may affect you in the city that you love jump in here at 51283605 and certainly future recruitment of police officers. All that's off the table. That's never gonna happen Well, which means just the retraction. It could be used away. It could be years. Before we add new police officers to the force. Yeah, that's we May we may go through an ongoing process where you replace officers that retire. You know that kind of thing. But additional higher number of employees think that's gonna happen for years in this city Council gets its way. No, But you're right. Those that I'm just eventually police officers have to be they retire or in this case, I think we're gonna have many that are going to retire early because they want the hill out. How can you add to the ranks? With no cadet class. I don't know. How do you replace those that have been retired with No cadet? I don't know. And I don't know how you appeal to those that were dreaming of being a police officer. Appeal to those A ce faras being in Austin cop? I don't know what the draw will be. I don't know why anybody would want to be an Austin cop done. Can you imagine if Ah high school kid? Was asked You know? What do you want to do when you grow up? I want to be a police officer. Can you imagine the reaction that that kid might face in the classroom? Sure. What wouldn't be what it was 20 years ago. Got an entire, you know, spectrum of politics. That hate cops. Why would a young person and you know aspire to do that with that kind of political leadership? Yeah. You know what I mean? Yeah. Listen, we've got to get people involved in this conversation of police officers out there. 51283605 90. You know what? Your general thoughts about this especially if you're a business owner. I mean, if you think the city will become less safe with this kind of leadership at City Hall, you know how do you run your business in a city that's less safe? Yes, downtown. I tell you those that run business in downtown those that live downtown that have been have purchased homes downtown. I wonder how they feel about that? Sure decision right now. Is that a good decision? Yeah. What is it Like living downtown? I've been over the past few months. The property values alone. People that live downtown has just plummeted. I would think so. Because if if you and I Are you excited about the prospect of going to a restaurant downtown or to an event downtown, although there no events to go to right now, if we're not excited about even visiting there for a few hours Good night, man. What about living down there? Sure, absolutely Also city in school district groups of trying to make learning a little bit more interesting during the pandemic. While still being safe. This is all according to a city memo. K X. Ian has this story Austin Parks and Recreation along with the Austin Independent School district and awesome public library there. Collaborating, trying to figure out ways to support student learning and after school care during Coben 19. Yeah, the group's collective goal. Isto have city facilities assume some non education functions to relieve the pressure on a S D facilities. What pressure was going to say? Half of them are going to be home one in order to achieve that these three groups were looking into, you know if some of the public spaces can provide appropriate access to technology. And analyze public spaces to see if they you know, fit and can handle the social distancing guidelines. Now, with the general election coming in November, there is also consideration to move voting locations from schools to city on facilities. Yeah. The groups are also considering an and expanded after school care model, giving out laptops and hot spots for students and identifying places libraries offering tutoring for those kids as well. Again. I'm trying to understand what were. The pressure is what they're talking about. What do you mean regarding that? What? What kind of pressure is on these are the school district's gotta lot. It's working on a guess. Well, these groups said they meet weekly. They say they say they're moving forward Austin Parks and Recreation staff could potentially be trained as You know, Para educators If you will talks with the city's technology management department about logistics of WiFi access in public spaces is ongoing. That according to the story that Ric Cakes a in jump in here at 512 83605 90. We'll check on business news coming up and the governor is isn't giving any real hope that the bar is going to be allowed to open. I don't understand this. I don't not understand this. I was talking to someone yesterday about this is in the restaurant business and has been in the bar business before. And the whole thing of you. You can only Be open as a bar. Or or, you know, some place that sells alcohol eyes. If you 51% of your business is food. And that is such a small. We're talking about such a small incontestable difference from 51% to 50 50 to 49. Whatever it would be, it's such a small difference. What difference does it make? Yeah. Yeah. No, I agree. I agree. 100 such a small difference. And we're talking about lives here we're talking about businesses were talking about the economy What it is doing and it's just now you disagree with the governor on this one. I disagree with the governor. All right. Jump in here at 51283605 90 If you heard what the home health experts of zero resurrect, too. They got a three room special. They'll clean three rooms.

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