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Control and crashed Lindsey Paducah family friend, telling news channel eight. All the love and support. They can get. I hope they get that. I hope they recover from this because he's not okay. Many of those who gathered honor the victims still in shock. Oscar Daniel Flora's were brothers and their deaths were especially hard on their mother. She lost her husband in a fire, just a few months ago. A video showing a white police officer in Largo choking. A black teenager is led to the cop losing his job. Largo. Police say Brian living law was terminated Tuesday, after an internal affairs investigation. A YouTube video appeared to show live in more grabbing a seventeen year old African American male by the neck, and using profane language chief, Jeffrey understood says living wars actions are unacceptable and violate the public's trust Livernois worked on the four six and a half years. Gordon bird, NewsRadio WFL a after a review by the state attorney's office seventeen cases involving three fire. Tampa police officers have been overturned state attorney, Andrew Warren in April twenty nine thousand nine t PD informed us, that its investigation had revealed that officers John Loretta Mark Landry. And now Genesis Maceo had engaged in a pattern of misconduct in which they failed a document detentions of suspects and seizures of evidence, Warren says the reversed cases involved, the conviction based on the word of the fired officers. The seventeen defendants all decided against going to trial. Pleaded guilty to crimes including narcotics and firearms offenses. The war and says his office is undoing those convictions. A Hernando county woman who is trying to kiss her new dog instead suffered serious injuries, after the two hundred pound bull mastiff, attacker, the Brooksville woman in a roommate rescued the dog about a week ago when two people who also live at the home return from a night out the dog started acting aggressively. And when she leaned into kiss the dog on the face it latched onto her left cheek and lift. The victims roommate says the dog was clearly agitated anything big like anything like the boom pit bull. That goes on. It was just something that happened is a freak accident aggravated. It just happened the bite victim now needs plastic surgery. The massive is at her Dando county animal services, beware of bears, this warning comes from the Florida fish and wildlife conservation commission after two people within the last two days reported seeing a bare near lakeland Linder airport, David to Lesko with the state bear management program, tells news channel eight it's that time of year. When young bears are leaving their mothers looking for their own territory. Wild animal definitely, do not beat it. If you see a bear instead reported to. F- WC. Hillsborough county Commissioner Ken Hagan going to bat once again for moving the Tampa Bay rays from Saint Petersburg to ebor city at Wednesday's board meeting Hagan said despite the fact that the rays are playing well, the team has the worst attendance rate in the league behind only the Miami Marlins SABA Kanter field is a failed business model. And with this year's historic attendance woes, I can promise you, two things. Number one major league. Baseball is paying attention, and number two cities at covet. The rays are mobilizing last year. A plan to get the raise to move from Saint Pete to ebor city failed. It's six oh, five at News Radio WFL a this is a Bloomberg market minute. Stock futures are pointing to a bounce higher at the open after fed chair, Jay Powell opened the door to an interest rate cut as early as July, as p futures are up twenty-six points. Nasdaq futures up ninety eight Dow futures up two hundred twenty six oil is surging after Iran said that it shot down a you. Spy drone in its airspace. Well right now up almost three percent this morning at fifty five dollars and twenty eight cents a barrel. Stocks tire yesterday after the fed held its press conference and wrapped up its two day meeting, the Dow was up thirty eight the s&p rose nine or three tenths percent. The NASDAQ gained thirty three federal regulators plan to ease TV broadcaster requirements for children's programming saying, a decades-old mandate is outdated in an era of abundant kid shows on cable and online. Critics say the moves will hurt the goal of providing three hours of educational children's programming a week, Gina Cervetti, Bloomberg rate..

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