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This evening. That's the way have for you ought wasn't looking like where you are why we cologne coming to you. Live from the show every morning. Show featuring j will you get you started rates. We want to start right only place on earth. We get your more than started right. We're back and we're so glad to be here. And i'm glad that you guys In the group room in on online. And wherever you listen to us thank you so much this so good to be here Before we get into the show before we shot out the wrong Everything's still stays the same even though we have all this snow february two twelve. We're in paterson new jersey of february thirteenth. We were out here. A bethlehem pennsylvania March the seven your coming hang out with sean. Harvey big birthday bashes down at the bar. So many people come in to screen. I'm sure drop fly. Yesterday was your come through spacious Della I m yield. That's eight thirty. One south delaware mustang by eight thirty one south delaware job eastern pennsylvania. We into building this is the sunday shows early. Sunday march two seven five pm. Doors open source be playing some music action. Make a cadillac. Had the come through to A hassle playing music. Dj beloved Six o'clock show starts on time. Maybe six zero five on the type of comedian. When i put a time on a flyer i walk right to the stage around that time And then we go about seven thirty. we have monique nico our. Monique latif. she's on the show. She's super liars. And my man Timmy hall The comedy copy. This guy's freak hilarious and then after that you know. Oh now. I got a few. Comedians is coming through. Show some love on the microphone. And then after that we're gonna go straight to the after party early separate thirty. We're gonna make sunday look like a saturday night. Bring your mass okay. So all of that we face everything out and if you too scared to come don't come through this fine. Maybe somebody might film on facebook live. But i'm a shut that down to go get that luxury. Somebody's that you're doing on zoom no zone that's sunday moisture seven zero. Come on out. Celebrate your boy sean. Hurry i neil A thirty one. South delaware dr that's east eastern pennsylvania. We're going down on. Costa rica That's a july the twenty second through the twenty six. I like to think of some folks from our group for registering. And i'll take an a part of that.

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