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I had no tear durable evidence that my dad killed anyone what April last year did have was a feeling I ask you how many people do you know that of the murder then well everywhere I went people that we knew were so she with her being murdered I'm just in the last three years I've been following April trying to make sense of what her father did and what else he may have done we know for a fact that they're both here and they're both there are nearly identical in the call murders occur and he still had his farm raised Mikey never lowered the gun true crime stories it's also about our obsession with your crime in the mystic monsters we create that my dad was consumed with the zodiac but I can look you in the eye and tell you he did not kill Jon Benet I don't normally like that one the clearing the pineapple three media in association with Gimli the clearing is available now for free on the radio dot com out six there are those that will leave a mark but many of us will not right after she over here for moose and Maggie three days from ten AM to two PM followed by Jovani go in heaven Roberts from two PM to six PM here on the fan crystal pressing one of those guys is going to leave a mark or is he like a squirrel that crosses and speeding car smashed into the stories not written yet boomer checked out today no response and what about somebody's closer story being written for more sure I think Marc.

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