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Is here to share is big you with a poll question what you'll find at key T. A. R. dot com and get us I gotta tell ya I do you brought you bring up something in your poll question that I hadn't really even thought about it has to do with this whole cheating scandal but delivery okay Phoenix mountain point coach Justin Hager leaked game plans to opposing coaches for the past three years so I give a you know listeners four choices I feel a horrified then a an adult would sell out kids and put them at risk for injury we expect that it that coaches from opposing schools who received the info said nothing. D. this is something the New England Patriots would do all content of course and D. all of the above that's what the price you well it yeah I don't even think about this idea that could be putting his kids at risk for injury because you know I'm thinking that he's robbing them of all the great things that you learn in football and and he's robin the in the other coaches are robbing their kids of the feeling like they actually won these championship games but I I the injury thing I that that that's a new aspect I mean father if the defense knows the play and knows what the the running back is going to get the ball yeah you've got eleven guys going against one player and that's not fair and it's dangerous yes it is and so we could put kids at risk certainly all right however living with a patriots fan there's no way I can even vote for all of the above not not I might feel like it are him take take the Gatos big queue of the the day poll question KTAR dot com and by the way all of the ball all the above is leading the voting right now here's detour.

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