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Watson Broncos outside linebacker I'm glad to have to call to Watson back on this team valuable player when he was here AJ couple years ago good special teamer and you know what considering the depths they have an outside linebacker they can use them well cool guys you'll guys but around legal while it's got a great veterans perspective to sit there and talk up talk to young guys tell them about the pratfalls leave what they need to be doing not Latin the money go to their head it was a great article today New York Daily News Matt Lombardo wrote about collateral just check that out about him the baby Fallon the things they went through as young guys and how that his help to them now that's good too far off track but the call what's in those guys veteran who you young guys can rely on for for perspective in Florida youth there with highland in the highlands and Joe Jones Alexander Johnson I've been around that long maybe those jerseys yeah I mean this the imp influence that you have all the but even then I mean what star even if just go exes and ohs on it for a moment you're gonna need some guys I know that they want child and Miller to play eighty five to ninety percent of the snaps but if something happens and you got to hold out for longer something you your need those veteran guys definitely aren't people the talking about the depth at inside linebacker but I'm more concerned with the death at outside linebacker outside of von and Bradley I know we just drafted house what do you have we don't know yet that's right what's what's in there highlands Holland and yeah it's a lot of unproven watch join the program now how excited are you play against someone else finally I was just like with any of the camp any other team he doesn't want to start planning to somebody else you look for to the preseason game of but the whole thing game domain the something else and something on different caliber so is this honor to be able to be part of it and I guess I look forward to being able to play the guess another team or that the excitement of getting something different I mean you've seen the same thing kind of every day here you get to get to shake it up against people who are different it to fall out of instinct back to football doubt on knows one point in time in every football player career when he was actually in high school or even college.

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