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Just dial one eight zero eight five to one eighty three eighty three and we were talking a little bit about problems in the macula the part of the i responsible for the sharp central vision when people lose function of the macula they have difficulty doing things that we take for granted seeing small print reading their phones looking at their details on their computers very large font they have trouble recognizing faces seeing clock all of these things that require sharp central vision are lost when there's damage to the macula and when it affects both is of course it can be very debilitating for the patient and make it difficult to see and to function several things can affect the macula there are a number of different things ranging from diabetes 's to age related changes but the one that we were talking particularly about is age related macular degeneration which is more common as we get older leads to distortion of the central vision and there are actually two forms of macular degeneration so the one that seems to occur more quickly and leads to a more sudden vision loss is called wet macular degeneration and the form that is a kind of a slow progressive change or sometimes can affect division a little bit affect the aisle a little bit but then never really change much over time is called dry macular degeneration so wet and dry refer to the presence of blood vessels a wet macular degeneration has the formation of abnormal blood vessels in the back of the eye and these abnormal blood vessels cause harm you know you've got blood in the is not a normal thing and when people do get blood inside the i it's a significant as a significant bad thing significantly bad thing oftentimes and blood particularly in the part of the i responsible for sharp central vision where they're very delicate structures is not a good thing so abnormal blood vessels forming in the macula tend to lead to changes in the vision over time which are which which can cause significant distortion or loss vision over relatively short period of time so for people who have wet macular degeneration the sooner the treatment has done for the better the outcome is likely to be was once vision is lost central vision is lost within a few days after the central vision is lost it's very difficult to restore that central vision because of damage done permanently to the structures in the back of the eye so wet macular degeneration frequently causes a sudden vision changed and distortion of the vision waving of straight lines loss of central vision or or just things look kind of oldest sorted out of the.

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