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That and we that we've asked the us supreme court to take in fact we we just filed our request with them just a few days ago then today's decision in the janice case gives us a i think a strong likelihood that the supreme court will take up this case also say lawyers also cannot be forced to subsidize political causes that they don't agree with final couple of questions oh we're already running late who are the worst justices in supreme court history name accompany in history roger tawny and oliver wendell holmes junior okay were there any particularly stupid justices who just there probably have been there's one i can think of that it would be impolitic for me to name oh wow text me later is there a particular book about the supreme court you like because i read the brethren buyer woodward and i thought it was fantastic is there anything you recommend yeah the the brethren is my is my favorite but it is getting a little out of date there's a wonderful book out there by a guy named daemon route are ot gosh i can't think of the title of it right now but it's a it's a an updated modern day explanation the only reason i think the brethren is still worth reading because it does talk about the burger court cases but there's a lot of civil rights cases roe versus wade's in that book a lot of big stuff that still matters is it overruled the long war for control of the us supreme court ads exa no i don't yeah that's right overruled by damon route is an excellent book that's the updated version the brethren he is is great because you know a lot of that the cases are old but the court hasn't changed how it off operates so the brethren and you get a view of how the court were more recently so i hope to me i mean completely changed my view of when i hear opinions and hear about them arguing and all that sort of stuff the behind the scenes stuff really good bob woodward's great so that's that tim santa first grade to from the goldwater institute tim thanks so much for the enlightenment we appreciate it thanks guys great to talk can't wait to find out who the dumb justices very excited about this you know i understand say tim murless nine understand exactly what he's saying that they don't they don't spend a lot of time thinking about politics but they do think about it so sure they're human beings it's not like they worked really hard to get all their civil rights cases to be eight or nine oh because they knew how important that was in terms of leading the nation in a different direction if somebody was going the other way they would really really lean on that person and say look for the good of what we're trying to do here you know that's yeah yeah i'd love to read their got aretha it's great book one seventy six on my must read list i'm starting to get a little discouraged yeah that's the problem 'cause i pick up a book and immediately want to start glancing at twitter i got something crack monkey i've got something funny but distasteful coming up you might not find it funny because it's so distasteful anyway funny but distasteful is the total of the title of the the unauthorized biography of me that came out recently unauthorized hi granted them no access stay for coming up on the armstrong and getty show conscience ten traffic chilton auto body traffic desk we have a lot of slow going.

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