ABC, DNC, Joe Biden discussed on Dan Conry


Up but you need to take a serious hard look in the mirror. defense has not been playing horrific at all from Minnesota. the missing link has been the quarterback getting the football to two of the top wide receivers at least last couple years that Ted over the NFL. there's been a major disconnect that's been Kirk cousins if you can't take advantage of this. news that's factual fair and balanced the city's continuing coverage on newstalk eleven thirty W. Y. S. F. Milwaukee. going after Giuliani anjing Metzler fox news former New York City mayor Rudy Giuliani also president trump's personal lawyer Attorney General William Barr reportedly just pleased the president mentioned his name right alongside guiliani's and that July phone call with the new president of Ukraine where the president asked for help investigating former vice president Joe Biden and his son hunters business dealings in that country Giuliani's response on fox news is Sunday morning futures I'm a lawyer defending a client and one of the things you do defending a client is if you can prove that somebody else did it what are some other explanation for then of course you pursue that vigorously they should be pointing me on ABC's this week Tom Basser the president's former homeland security adviser faults guiliani for filling his clients head with unproven conspiracy theories including one that you queen hacked the DNC server and has Hillary Clinton's email summer senator Judd Gregg wrote a piece in the hell magazine saying the three ways are the five ways to impeach oneself and the third way was to hire Rudy Giuliani and at this point I am deeply frustrated with what he and the legal team is doing and repeating that debunks theory to the president on the president's phone call with Ukraine's president it is a bad day in a bad week for this president for this country if he is asking for political dirt on an opponent like other Republicans though he sees no evidence of a so called quid pro quo Montana's governor declaring.

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