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And and the bachelor takes off like a huge part of the year a does in the battle off from september to january gas so it's off the our march telematique and then september through january yes so the ideal time for a mini season like this would be in the fall so i wouldn't be certain bachelor and hiatus like that's it that's what we thought was going to happen the bachelor is going to be on hate as because they weren't going to birmanie hours a week or you guys watching of this stuff six right now it's insane yeah you're telling me to be fair like the people why should be brother life is like one night but still at six hours is a lot like how do you keep these people together i owed i would be mixing up names of right we don't we donkey and together clearly but yeah we as we mentioned before we love eric and not quite sure what happened there um in terms of the vote off but then be producer interference a justin feinberg ding mary killed jeff probst survivor challenge commentary fill keegan's headtohead commentary and chris harrison's winter games commentary i gotta watch a lot of things in the race in the last couple of years but i would say probably you want them mary jeff probes sus comments because he's been at it for so long and in full qian because he is a new zealand accent lunch just lovely and then kill occurs harrison's because guide chris harrison like redoing and much prefer can rates the amazing minus obviously you marietta store i don't think i don't think justin's giving that is no no would we get like you were just barings commentary to get your first money.

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