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Get get a little loose in a in, but it is funny. I can remember when we vegas ball this year with myself. With Kirk and a couple of other of our people on the crew in friends and we were outed, giner and Kirk had made a relationship out there with a gentleman he was with MGM Mirage and this gentleman says Kirk when you guys are done with your dinner. Come on by blank wants to meet you. Hang out there, really happy. And the guy goes to and make sure you bring the bear. He wants to talk to the bear as well. And I might. I'm good with that saw that was. That was a fun night going in and hanging out with? With with having some his his friends is well. It was. Like. Pinch me. Moments Wait like this guy actually cares what the hell have think about again it's it's pretty damn cool. It's like the. Like what I said after I had gotten to Augusta, the final four on my go I could go back and like tell like sixteen year old me. Yeah you know what in thirty years you're going to be sitting courtside at the final four working with with Dick vitale and Sean McDonough, and then you know after the game to get on a plane and go down to Augusta and cover the masters in Embiid Augusta national like you wouldn't believe it, 'cause. It's like everything that you hoped for and wanted to do so. There definitely have been a whole lot of those like scratch my head. Raise your eyebrow. Wait a minute tackle moments. You can admit this. This is something you can't say. No noise you for winners more than Stugatz he he, he would be on the famous person. I can totally name in what he did. This ball season might have been the most amazing gambling accomplishment ever. Did he miss it era. I'm trying to think for about sixteen. Yeah, fourteen, or was it was. Was it the Michigan State game that I think he finally got off the I. Know I know I had Michigan State and I think. I was worried because I think he had Michigan State as well and I you know. At this point, he's so due to win that he finally is going to win. Would crazy streaker. Who smells better, reese, Davis or Kirk herbstreet. Kirk herbstreet. Wow and the only reason I say that is because Kirk will usually come over before the show will do a little instagram thing, so I can get like a his Colonia Roma will naturally just kind of work its way in my facility where we're at the reasons, more more business he wants to get to the set stay locked in talk to craggy a little pep talk and and be prepared for the show and I don't get to. See. The restore like Aqua Joe or Whatever it happens to be that day now it's probably way out of my price range, but if you could ever find out what Kirk herbstreit wears, I would love that information. Maybe that was fun. Thank you of all five. Maybe what I'll do. Stealth like a lot of times. What will happen is. If we go to from. Game Day to a prime time game. Wind up! Doing is while go to a hotel will fly in go to. The hotel will change sedan for Awhile Watch the game so. Sneak into the Yes, chicken to the bathroom and. See what he's gotten his attache back, so you always go with him in the PGA to your producer right, so you're. You're in the booth with them. You're in the booth with Fowler. I'm actually in the game truck I. Sit in the game truck. On headset with. With both Chris Kirk? Then I'll graphics people on the producer and truck. You have any famous blunders of. Mistake I'm a producer Stugatz and Dan's ear. Throughout the show. I have over the course of my career, said something in their ear. They go to air with it. And then I quickly realized US Shit. That was not right. Do you have? I don't remember. I don't remember necessarily saying something that was wrong, but I do remember like I like watching other game. That's going on to try and keep them abreast like we're doing whatever it is Alabama. LSU'S ON CBS from watching that for a second, the graphics person is asking me a question of putting a note when our check and I'll be get back to our game and make an observation I'll be like. Wow, they seem to really be struggling on. Burst tanning in Kirk Christopher like yeah I just said that. Totally I totally forgot. Aware that they say yes. I can relate to that I've done that before you feed them a line that they've already said and they look like what are you? Are you listening and sorry? There's a lot back here. So with horse-betting. Okay, now do judge me if I'm up until like the wee hours of the night on the weekends betting Australian ponies with my friend zoom now. Why why? Why would I in college that? That's what I'm saying. It's so much fun like we are were on. Zoom were sharing screens were putting bets on horses that we have no clue about? About, we don't know any jockeys. We don't know any of the tracks actually now after a couple of months of doing and I'm starting to learn some of the jockeys cracks there, but at the beginning, just pulling numbers out of her someone who's a sports horse-betting expert as I would consider you. Do you like pick your jockeys? Pick your tracks and you. You only these or on a Saturday when you want to get after it. You're just bet on any race. That's available. Well I want to offer you a a year like the that's like a two or three hundred level course the Australian I want offer. You like the four hundred level course. The AP courts and I want you to get up early. Early in the morning now and I watched the Swedish trotters watching a bit Japan racing..

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