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That it brought in an new era of the republican politicians who were uh posed to taxes in all levels under all circumstances they just all but one of them voted against the gas tax increase recently and the and in contributed to the political polarization of of california now that said they were dealing with the real issue at the time property taxes had gotten out of hand in california and nobody seemed to be doing anything about it and it was the legislature's failure to do something about it and the governor at the time jerry brown to do something about that evident problem that gave rise to jarvis and putting proposition thirteen on about so not only do actions have consequences but in actions have consequences and of jerry brown wants to look for somebody to blame for proposition 13 he can the trapped in the mirror because he was part i love it at the time they didn't they failed and what could argue that many two propositions that follow the went on the valid had to do with the success successor 13 in the inaction of the legislator absolutely a it's spawned a explosion of ballot measures suddenly people became more willing to bypass the legislature and go to the ballot two per pursuetheir their causes the cars as the as the legislature became a more polarized and less effective in the 1980s and in the 1990s then you saw the reaction to that in action and that was the explosion of ballot measures so that ballot measures became the primary way we make public policy in california rather than the legislative process so yes i would agree entirely that you could easily say that of everyone all the names you mention and in some over the last half century or more howard jars and paul gauguin had more to do with changing california's politics than anybody else and he here's another caller jim joins us jim welcome you're on firm however on my comment about com if you don't care um i think that a lot with political will and of course the problem that your crappy political campaign appointed by special enter have allied money pretty corner but nor in europe here acoustical will hear every country there has national hunker cropper and what your novotna control how caught more efficiently.

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