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A little bit of an issue with it only only because look, he called some people in the NFL who are pros. We get paid. He called him trash. He basically said that they weren't any good and really over the past two weeks in particular, I think teams have exposed this football team on the defensive side of the ball and by expose. I mean this, I don't particularly think they play a very smart brand of football down there. I think they have great athletes who can play a very simplistic scheme in basically beat you athlete Bradley. It's Kim City Chiefs, spread them out and said, hey, look, we're going to take advantage of your second level defenders for fifty two linebackers who don't play very smart and we're gonna get after your safeties. We're gonna get after buried church. We're going to get after the guy who plays in nickel and daily. When you back off. If you don't want to jam our wide receivers, we're just gonna throw passes in front of you, and we'll throw passes in front of debut two, and we'll just move the football down the field over and over and over again. So people go, well, that's the chiefs chiefs can do that because they have some feet. Well, guess what Dell's did they did the same thing. They went after their linebackers. They went after tell them Smith. They went. After miles, Jack, and they got them over and over and over again. And then you saw some things start to creep up with this football team that we're uncharacteristic to me. Meaning they weren't running in hunting like they used to on what? Hell. Cole Beasley touchdowns you see three guys converged on him to stop and let him go in the end zone. We're back in the day. You would have been trying to take his head off and you saw them kind of stop and you start going wait a minute now. So if I'm an offense of football team right now, I'm going let me have. Let me have a crack at the Jaguars. No knows that Jalen Ramsey Lewis c. right. They play. It's Gus. Bradley's cover three. It's a little bit modified, but you're it's simplistic. Jalen Ramsey told me over the summer. I don't. I'd rather play man, but that's not what he's saying right now. And as credit, don't you think that he's not out there criticizing the coaches because I don't think he's happy with what you're describing on the d. he may not be. It's interesting how look I just think teams are going to produce his team much differently as the rest of the season goes. It's not in what to do with Jalen though. So remember we, we were. Meteo took offense to him talking about players and how they weren't good. He's not getting torched by any of these players that he said weren't good. He's just on a bad team, right? Like quarterback, I wonder what his thoughts on him, which is great when he hasn't said anything about it. Right, good. He hasn't talked about. It's good, but it's not so. So would you rather ten known as a team? He'll tell me this, would you rather after game say if they said, well, what's going on? He said, well, I'm doing my job exactly. Oh, okay. No, I wouldn't rather have him say that, but you know what? If you're going to call out other players, if you're a leader you and say, hey, you know what, instead of saying, I don't know. Maybe I don't know what we need to play better. Certain, it's need to play better. The offense doesn't need to pick it up. We need to stop turning over. We need to start playing better covered to sit there and go. I have nothing to say. Are we little interested in the things he has to say the next time when things are going well, now that we know when things aren't going, so well, he has absolutely nothing to only interested if we want to know his honest opinions, which is what he gives every time and look, people say, well, you're doing your design is now he's got, no, unless it's about the team will be. The way to do that. Yeah, the quarterbacks are better than Blake Bortles you don't think they learn Ramsey knows that you don't think he knows that his quarterback is having problems right now, but he is keeping his era politically correct, speak and coachspeak. It's very easy to say..

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