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Welcome to govern house shorts spectators, daily politics podcast between the ship is now in its final furlong with Boorda's Johnson and Jeremy hunt meeting in Birmingham tomorrow. And what could be the first of eighteen separates hustings. So what can we expect? I'm frizz Fresno, joined by James Cy, then Katie balls, James. Why are we bothering with this five weeks of what we knew is going to be Walker for Boris? I mean, the unexpected does happen in politics, Katie rose ner spectacle than recently, but surely no expecting Jeremy hunter witness from the very beginning of this process. Jeremy hunt was the opponent. But the Boris Johnson campaign wanted they fought he had three weaknesses that played Boris his hands. The first is that he voted a most important is the voices remain in twenty sixteen. The second is that he is being Theresa May's cabinet. Throughout the entire Brexit process on the furred is, the hunt is instinctively, mal mannered politician, he's not one who tended to impose himself on a debate. And so, I think what we will see at these hustings. The campaign, intense drawn turn these things into is to something more akin to political rallies and feeding is made him. Feel good occasions, you all on his own conserved, his wonderful, and that basic will make it very difficult to Jeremy hunt to land any place. Now, you, you said you describe this as a five price. It's not really because the postal votes will go out sometime around July six and all the Akron results addressed the both bulk those will return returned relatively quickly, so almost whatever happens Leith role in the process doesn't massive out much because I suspect that the vast majority of people voted long before MRs over so Casey house. Michael Goov going to be feeling this morning because he lost out by just two votes. James explains. Why Jeremy hunt Boras favourite candidate? We all know why he wouldn't when my congressional because my Hoover's fight Michael win. So do you think he's feeling injured on redressed unpaid this morning? I think my Gobi feeling very frustrated. And I also think just looking at the today's papers might be when those days when you keep the papers away from your boss, because his multiple papers saying, Boris Johnson takes revenge Michael gov. And the idea here is that tactical voting was at play. And I think there's any question that there was had to converting if you just look, for example, yesterday at the number of savage, avid, supporters after he was knocked out of the morning vote, thirty three of them yet, but he, he publicly declared to say they're going to back Boris Johnson. So a least full Mobley said they were going to vote to produce Johnson yet. Bruce Johnson's overall anyone by free votes in between the fasten. The second clearly that means that there is. And that's just once we know about that means people were not doing exactly as they said. And I think the only question is does that mean that it was Boris Johnson campaigns water tactics were Cup? Couple of Boris Johnson, supporting MP's freelancing and doing things the Rona quarter, no instruction Gavin Williamson, the former chief whip sush Machiavellian type character he has been in charge of the parliamentary stage. So that's how you get the data tricks outta Gatien's, which we're hearing from quite a few MP's, the sense that there was an effort to make it so Jeremy hunt the line not Michael grove. And if you dictate suggested supporters seemed like a lot of those have gone grove, that didn't go Boris, so it doesn't quite add up. I think there's some people who feel like they're scheming, but there was. Sasha. John invis-, our is wrecking the fifteen visible orders when to Boris there for that would suggest that team is lent between ten fifteen votes to Jeremy hunt that didn't need to steal it fair and square. But ultimately, what's happened seems that's been some political plotting shark in Westminster. The volt shock that the haves. I mean, they say was evidence prove it now it's a secret fantasy awesome here. You say guess does campaign does seem as low at the upper hand of the other campaigns. But then, again, this is Westminster politics. And there's always been a little bit of, you know, Hugh Hugh can get ahead by any means possible slight things. And I think there are some in the Boris Johnson camp and not official perhaps, he d think that this was a very mechanical process, the parliamentary stages of this contest and not so that of a campaign Scott brought down or consumed, or thinking about the media doing pitches and social media, actually, it was just about gay enough MP's free. Whether that is free telling the bad things that would happen, if they didn't back their candidate offering a carrot. I mean, government sin has always said that he prefers a shop carrots, which is suggestions that you combine a stick with a carrot short Kerr James, the stories, I've heard. Govern Williamson over the last few days, really being quite striking the former chief whip seems to be doing Francis Irqah tribute act here. I mean it's kind of stems silent threats some MP's. In other words, I've heard one MP say that he was told by volumes teams that basically unless you sign up to team Boras. You not going to work in parliament and this government again and I'm going to personally see to it. Now, you knew MP's tend to exaggerate these things, but there's been a highly effective whipping operation, but I'm wondering, are you sensing some worry in parliament that Boorda's because he's had pretty much a walkover at this stage he'll have a walkover in the candidate stage. There are lots of unanswered questions about him, not whether he's a big, but basically whether he is, so relaxed his leadership style, create a vacuum into which some party Hardiman might. Step in and the Boras regime might be lot less often cuddly than it seems from his juvenile exterior, I wanna miss telling things is that, that can abortion satellites then aren't really bothering to deny that was voting taking place. What I do say that certain senior people in that campaign might have been involved. They, they're trying to say is the forest in the candidate himself didn't know anything about it. And I mean that is the frankly the review. I also think, as you say that, that one of the things is playing into is very big questions within the as I is the magazines with Burr, they're gonna three different power orbits around bursts yet. Very old London marrow crew. There are his palment relaunches the people who have been with him through the ups and downs. You have at twenty sixty in the time in the wilderness. And then they're all the people who've come on board, like, Gavin Williamson and have helped deliver this victory for, and presumably, they expect. Power non-return. Yes. And the first two groups are worried about the Lhasa group. And so, I think one of the things we are going to see is a kind of an all too. What about Boris Johnson? But his natural style is not restrict himself to one source of vice to. He will quite like the fact that they're all of these people jostling for the king's there, but I think he has to make some choices because from the moment he is likely to enter Downing Street to October thirty. First, this pivotal Davis ship is only ninety nine days and that means he cannot afford to waste an hour of that time. And so he's going to have to have a very clear structure when he enters dining Serie, and a very clear knowledge of what he is going to do. Do you think he needs to be clear structure, now because today's the day with a civil service will start talks with booth, the Kansas. Jeremy hunting Boris Johnson this happens before elections civil service will talk to the opposition, just in case you win. What would you like us to do? So this is starting now. But from what I gather Boorda's has new running the transition team in team Boorda's itself. Nobody is in charge arrest the. Boris who tends not to be around. So euro really getting sort of creative chaos now vis creative, chaos is imported into number ten wouldn't this be exactly what Michael warned us about that Boris for all of his cheering MRs ability to rally the troops as intensity, he doesn't have the decisiveness and the presence of minds to making the several difficult decisions day that prime minister needs to do, and I'm wondering to what extent, we will see not when he gets into office? But right now in his transition team whether he's able to have a hierarchy to have somebody who's in charge. In other words together grip of all these tribes who've gathered around him as James says, I think he will stop to fake us on that. And I think part of the reason that Boris Johnson allies, very happy, Jeremy hunt than the final eight is because they fear that they can actually spit that time fairly evenly between pairing for hustings against some. That everything is the greatest rat. And trying to have government will say, he he was going to be doing what I understand that Lynton Crosby team. And now coming in to help at the hustings campaigns hosting that they are going to be helping with, and that means that he, he's about extra there that will give others. You've been doing the parliamentary stages time to stop focusing on the on the transition on how what you do. Exactly when you take government because as James says, in his cover piece, this is going to be the most important ninety nine days of any prime minister given that there is a hard deadline, which may be trying to avoid, but there is a hard Brexit dead. Let an end of October which could mean that you having to potentially face a general election. You've got to say what you've done James as a tour gathering for the hustings. They will also be fighting a violation, which we hear has been cold this morning. So breckon run the show. See held by the Dem's into relatively recently. They held the seat in the washing seventy Batori impede. Chris Davis was done for fiddling his expenses. He has now been recalled versus the seconds accessible Rico following the pizza by Rico works, a new tool in the political when days if a certain I should've up for I came on. But if a certain percentage of electric in a seat, sign a petition demanding the recall of in Bonn action, baguette one, this is the second time it's happened the first being Peterborough whose MP was caught Zambia for speeding offenses. Yeah. And so I think we wait to see what happens here. I think the suspect the to Ripon he manages will be desperate to get his bond action in before Boris Johnson, all whoever becomes prime minister. Earn it actual test. I think one say show is one of the difficulties of politics right now for the Tories, which is busy did Morgan 'evote to leave. But the warriors of the Tories is that you'll find the lib Dem's could've leader could've remain alliance in this election, while the Tories in the Brexit party split the Brexit vote. No, Katie lib Dem's have been having miraculously resurrection recently, I mentioned, they will have -solutely want to win this, especially if they'd be replacing Toury, who was found to have been on the hey Dolittle, yes, and is lipped helix. Recall, petition some thought that I think feel on a Sonya. It was much more high profile case in terms of the MB had done this, cool case, she is in, I think, is conservative MP's and neighboring seas to this Hugh was skeptical that you would reach the fresh hold for full Rico, but the lip dams are. Adamant and very keen to get the seat bag and said they've run a very active campaign to get they needed about five thousand people to sign it. They got over ten thousand so they have very high hopes, and I think you'll see from the action, this is the kind of thing the lib Dem's obscene to share the keep building momentum. Now. It'll be interesting because the Brexit party light lip dams very well in the EU and actions and then had a by-election they thought they could use to show that they were an unstoppable force that can take on the tea party system in the end, they missed it slightly and elated very well, given the time it did me in that the Brexit party, I think, has reduced a little bit of the mystique, who perhaps a sense that it would necessarily take on both Tories and labour, obviously has a big affect it can have on the Tory vote. But the sense that they were gonna get lost seats in general election, I think, is in a bit more doubt. Now, the lib Dem's I think it could work in the way here, if they could win the see I think will really build into his idea that they had the pro remain Pasi. They are the ones who flocked tape, but if they don't get it, then I think you'll see again, the sense of all EU elections, Representative of what happens in first-past-the-post. The big difference is the Lib Dems in this half. The data for the Brexit party didn't have impeachable. The Dem's pointing Bod actions ver- as long as communist pop is being going, and they know what to do to win these kind of sees. And of course, it remains to be seen if Kylie will outlast lib Dem's, Katie less nights. We saw a rather disturbing video emerge climate change. Protesters has managed to get through to the Mansion House speech where they're protesting against the content of fem Philip how awful speech or something like that. But we also saw Mark Fields manhandle the protesters outside holding her by the neck and captured a very clearly on camera. I was Newsnight last night, and the image came through quite quickly. And nobody believes there is what kind of 'em reactions there. Yes, this is the climate change. Protesters' and one woman he was part of the protest was storming towards that. The top table and mock as filmed leaving his seat push. Shing her to the to the wall. And then grabbing her neck, a much Herat and it clearly on the video very heavy handed. You had Greenpeace healing to the protests suggest that he should be done for assault. I think in immediate Tom's, what means is the government have suspended him as a foreign office minister, so pending an investigation. Mark field has himself put him said he wanted to be put forward for an investigation. He has apologized. He said he made a split sex, a split-second decision to, to base the respond thinking that this person could be carrying some kind of web fused excuse I've heard of you. And so she media saying, as you could be nor seem to stretch. Yeah, he's, he's made the point that he made a split-second decision on. I think the suggestion that he accepts that was the wrong decision. What would be interesting? I mean just watching how this plays I you've seen some Tory MP's come to defense today, publicly and say that they actually think that he did, and particularly wrong because. And are in so much danger these days and times the various attacks in France, they actually do you take a chance and presume this person isn't freshening?.

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