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Donald Trump junior with this. You can go back and get that podcast the Kevin McCullough podcast universe on I tunes and soundcloud later this hour, we will at least bring you the audio version of the Abby Johnson interview that I did in a sit down. We're having trouble with our video playback tonight for some reason. So we'll we'll see how that goes. And we're expecting to hear hopefully from Britain mckenry any little bit here. She wrote a very interesting piece this week for Fox News dot com. And she of course, is the host of the hottest new entity on the streaming side of Fox News. Little thing. They call FOX nation. And she is the co host with tyrod who just goes by tyrus. He's a big guy. He used to do security for like, snoop Dogg and stuff and anyway. They they're just very cool because they just talk about all the unthinkable stuff at a show called PC in the number one show on FOX nation. So we hope to hear from her shortly as well. She is our featured guest tonight, and I confirmed with earlier today. So I'm hoping she didn't fall asleep or something, you know, when you're working in multiple media markets in your in your back and forth between DC New York every week for a few days, each you can get a little tired a little tired side. So I certainly understand and comprehend that I am tempted to open the phone lines. I don't do this very often. But tempted to open the phone lines and ask your thoughts. Now that the Muller investigation has wrapped up has concluded to just tell us just just one line. What do you think it means for the for the country? In fact, we'll we'll we'll we'll put you.

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