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There's a tiki bar on the Potomac I'm Jeff clayville 6 48 Dave dillin in the WTO traffic set It'll deliver the beltway still slow from Tyson's toward the legion bridge from the lines moving better the crash near Clare Barton Parkway is clear and the lanes are open The latest crash is farther around the interleukin Connecticut avenue fire rescue at state police blocking the right lane and the end of the acceleration lane from Connecticut avenue on the outer loop You're getting by slowly to the center And the left back in Virginia on the outer loop still congested through Alexandria local and through lanes are open three 95 95 still heavy southbound through Springfield crash is long gone 66 good Maryland two 75 70 westbound still heavy and slow Braddock heights out toward myersville mile before exit 42 emergency work zone still one right lane getting by they're also setting up the overnight work westbound west of Ellicott City toward Marriott's Phil road you'll be down to single file in a matter of minutes D.C. I three 95 still heavy through southwest D.C. two 95 northbound near Pennsylvania avenue work zone and an overheated vehicle all told just a brief delay getting passed a little heavier inbound on two 95 toward Pennsylvania avenue One two start or grow your business then join the power up D.C. business summit on May 3rd register a D.C. health link dot com slash power up D.C. Traffic Brian Miller and storm team four Ryan not the end of April weather that we are used to here No this is more like beginning March weather here Sean We've got temperatures folks that are in the 40s.

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