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On my top guys. Elephant singer Devin Lima passed away this morning after a year long battle with cancer six confirmed the news and he's forty one years old. And remember they had that big hit back in the late ninety summer girls. The band originally consisted of Lima Brad Fischetti and Ron Cronin. Rich cronin. Excuse me in Cronin passed away after a five year battle the Kimia in two thousand ten seventy did is really it is really sad. When you think of the fact that that was not a large group, and they're all really young arrived suffered that kind of loss. Yeah. The sad. Sad news. I also love that song summer girls girls that wherever coming and Fitch Chinese food makes me sick. But I actually think it's fine. Speak. This summer. Could sign. Goods saw. Brad, you listened to Soviet era. I'm not saying it's a good song. I'm not trying to defend it. I just do it. You know, people living your best life brand. Tony people living ours. Oh. Mcaulifee over here in the corner. All you got. Put me in my place. Toni Braxton is for her engagement ring. She tweeted that she left her Louis Vuitton train case full of items on a delta flight. Now, she was on a delta flight from New York to LA wants the bag was recovered Braxton discovered. Some things were missing and that included the engagement ring given to her by her fiance bird, man, she said whoever borrowed it. Please return it by the way, I did not read out loud a grind item from crazy days and nights dot net. Our favorite blind item website, basically saying that this is an insurance fraud scheme. Well, little hot gospel today's night, right? I like I confess, I did not know Birdman. Neither did I. And that's okay. Okay. On break. Ma her thing. That was a good song. Now, we're talking. He wasn't man enough for me. That's another really good song. Finally, I know we're going to be talking about this story later in the hour. But Sarah, Michelle Gellar has posted a apology after she put up some old lingerie photos of herself as a reminder not to overeat on thanksgiving. Okay. Sorry. Yeah. There. Yeah. We will deconstruct that. Yes. So basically, she's not. I don't know. Why Bradley I really don't know? Why? That's all the dirt though, that we have this hour for more everything entertainment check on our website at mytalk one of I gotta go. Go. Thank you for the update Honey dirt alert updates at the top of every hour. Us. Get extended dirt alerts at eight twenty twelve twenty and five twenty report back to me in an hour. And now the Colleen and Bradley show on mytalk, everything entertainment..

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