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It's a downer are they going always got it be are they going mickey rourke on him no i mean they're just telling the story but but undertakers interviewed uh sean michaels mcmahon was a trailer um it's just like you know you got you got like sean michaels go like it's richard fluor is he's it's not rick flair rick flair is a like you know just being like rick flair has attendance penis he's got yeah exactly it's it's going to be a fucking downer man but you gotta watch it because thirty for thirty is not china like what would you call it k fehb anything right row they're you know they're going to give the straight down oh yeah we'll the best part is that it's it's yeah it's not wb yeah right yes exactly and there there is a just a free plug the thirty for thirty podcast i don't know if you guys have listen to that loan it's it it just started up it is we don't we don't dutyfree sao critic it's that's why i'm actually yeah we should get them to community to see the wire transfer before you bring up that oldest bone thing anymore the oldest in town podcast new episodes up today baby anita yesterday obeyed at a on a had gum and and did in the the ad sleigh we can't just have you given should weigh on i know i know i'm in talks with everyone down there it's going to be a thousand dollars we we we really call a civil that i pay myself off straight away so that's whatever onethird of a thousand as but yeah check out new episode oldest bone in town podcast with tom sibley anywhere podcasts can be download.

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