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Take me into the decision to use the two timeout their kicker instead of saving for when your offense came back on the field. Just theatrics. Get the rest in. Take the last one. I don't know if that was a key guys work, hard and. How would you believe in our guys? How hard they fought tell me about that. Because you said that this was the game you would use to judge. How far your team? How would you describe after the way they play the fight in the physicality? This is the most physical team in the country. Com. Wisconsin. We we need. We've we wanted to see how what we're made of last year. We weren't good enough this year. They were in their house and things went our way. But I'm glad I guys played hard and often. All the way back in January when they work hard in the weight room training, and we kept reminding them of all those hard work paid off. What does this win mean to you to lead these guys into camp Randall and pull off this? Oh, I'm happy for fans. I'm happy for players or coaches worked extremely hard for me as a as a coach I've been a fan my whole life. So I love the fact that I love watching the best seat in house and feels a lot of fun. But I'm proud of the players happy that our friends are here. They support us everywhere. We go. And. Celebrate with the team the bubble screen it out the Perez Campbell. Fifty. Forty five touchdown. Peres Campbell sixty three yards and about fifty came after the catch new buckeyes big play on offense soon to follow one from the D Robinson's dotted little option. Jones. Touchdown touchdown. John's talked to shovel pass. Into the end zone. Back on top Bill rosinsky with.

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