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That we've. Ever been in, a hurricane who mayor Kurt called will set lane may grant her wish it, has a lot of moisture in it in it. It still could pack. A lot of punch in terms of, rain and storm surge, and that would be a major impact to the city and county of Honolulu where a million people live. Emergency management, spokesman Richard reposes have Maui is battling brushfire evacuated one hotel because of smoke. It's kind of ironic that here we are waiting waiting for all of this rain and they have a fire burning to in Honolulu but Butler KCBS and again hurricane lane no Mori it is now a tropical. Storm as it continues to move near those Hawaiian islands meanwhile scores travelers. Are still trying to get off the island's KCBS reporter Holly Kwan is. That SFO with frustrating tale of one Marin family that they found. The Aloha spirit dissolving into? An endless This waiting, game seventy, and Chris. Arrived on Oahu Saturday for an eight-day vacation when they heard a hurricane was coming. We tried to fly out the last two days everything's been booked solid, I kept hitting me freshman treasury fast she kept calling Hawaiian airlines they would like not even talk to you hang up Paul forever we didn't want to leave. There's coming so plans change and so, it's just, everything's been, hard he's a paramedic, she's a doctor but when they. Offered their services out of the hotel they were? Told, oh don't worry if we need help we'll just call nine one, one, they moved all of the food service until. Like a bomb room so I was going to be like you know conference food we're the. Four seasons no restaurants or kids, activities open so why would they want to ride it out finally they hopped a flight of Phoenix that had a stopover at. SF oh where they deplaned hoping their, luggage would follow maybe with all our wildfires and. Earthquakes were more disaster. Prepared at least mentally than other cities. But they said in an. Emergency there's a difference between being laid back and lackadaisical Playbook they weren't they, were not, ready to, play professionally at SF oh hall Lequan KCBS this weekend dozens. Of people. Interested in teaching as a. Profession are expected to come. To San Jose you CBS's Matt big. The reports the, recruitment event comes, as many school districts continue to experience teacher shortages while, every classroom here, in, Santa Clara county had a teacher. Some students started the year with. A certified sub those are people who have gotten a credential to. Be able to substitute but some of, our schools, may not, have a certified permanent, teacher in place Peter Daniels the. County office of education says they are finding that? The, high cost of living in the bay area makes it very difficult, for, teachers to survive here but he says there. Are other benefits that anyone interested in teaching should consider while salaries may not be comparable to. You know other industries the benefits, of teaching your health and retirement are quite strong Education. Is one, of the few areas that still offer a pension benefits will be highlighted at a step into teaching event here in San Jose this weekend the one day, program connects people interested in education with specialists in credentialing and financial aid nationwide the teacher shortage is expected to be, some sixty, thousand educators, by the year twenty twenty in San Jose Matt Bigler KCBS Twenty watch KCBS news time eight twenty five stocks. Rallied with the NASDAQ and the s&p, five hundred hitting new all time highs the Dow Jones industrials. Rose one hundred thirty three points or half a percent the NASDAQ closed up sixty seven points or eight tenths percent the s. and p. five hundred gained eighteen or six tenths percent Neela Richardson Edward Jones tells Bloomberg the economy is in good shape. With no. Downturn insight if you look at the second quarter you see, a lot of strength, over four percent GDP growth that's not, Austerlitz either that was business investment that was a pop. And consumer spending to fundamentals in the economy very strong and Richardson says corporate earnings have been solid for two quarters in a row demand for. Expensive manufactured. Products declined more than expected last month the Commerce Department reports orders for durable goods fell. One. Point seven percent in July but a component of the durables report the tracks business investment posted a bigger, than expected gain Jeff. Bellinger Bloomberg, radio and this news. Coming in from Detroit this e o Elon Musk says. Tesla will remain a public company shareholders, recommended against going private and now page from the diary of. Flo dear diary the ghost is back this house is protected through progressive but that doesn't mean it's not haunted how else. Would you explain that.

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