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On what the heck. All right we have Lauren Murphy joining us all the way from Abu Dhabi right now, she'd be competing this Saturday night and you have two fifty, four no longer against the Cavallo but you will face newcomer Lilia Shack Aerobic. Lauren is a minute. I. Believe January was the last time we spoke how are you? Yeah that's a long time. I'm doing great man things have been. Since then was going to say you look like you're at a Dome Right now looks actually unbelievable and first things. First, how did you enjoy the lavish and luxurious flight? Dhabi? Man I. Don't know if I'll ever fly any other way than business class ever again it was. It was really nice. You know I got to stretch out. Lay down. The food was good. We've watched like four different movies, Joe, and I played a bunch of games. We played battleship together I. I killed him, I want every game. Knows a lot of fun. We had a really good time. You know and there's there's no layover was a direct flight. So yeah. The hardest part so far has been adjusting to the time zone as you know, I was asleep for original introduce. So but that's that's just Even for us is going to be easier on this card than it was for anybody else though one hundred percent because everyone had. Basically, sleep all day and then stay up all night. Just adjust to the time. You're basically on Abu Dhabi time the entire time how would you think how much advantage is that for you opposed to like some of the other I know international fighters maybe like an hour or two different so it didn't really affect them too much but still for them, it's like fighting at six o'clock in the morning. Yeah. Yeah. Exactly it's Just. Crazy. So it was. I don't even want to think about it really because we did plan for it a little bit like like months ago before we knew it. was going to be on We knew the up the other cards he'd been on it really crazy times, and so I was like, okay, like I have a really good SNC coach Andy Galvin he's a genius. So he had a plan for me about when to be awake when to go to sleep. He he was in Brian, Ortega's corner this weekend to. So that guy knows what he's doing and I felt confident like having him plan for me. I was pretty relieved to find out we could just get on Abu Dhabi time and call call. Good. I'm pretty excited just to have like a two PM Eastern Standard Time Main Card Star I. Mean this is like it's it's heaven for me especially after covering all these events. Like fifteen sixteen probably more weeks in a row where everything's like? I. Please have like four PM prelims start this one's a ten fifteen in the morning. I'm so pumped. Did actually really liked that we've been on a couple cards where we fought in the morning like I thought Liz, Car Musha like eleven am Um we fought Mara Gorilla I think like one PM. So it's like you have to get up pretty early. You get your shakeout in you gotta get breakfast possibly get your hair braided for me that takes about an hour to be down in the lobby like three hours usually before. Your time so that you can get over to the arena. You know what I mean you have to get tested all kinds of stuff happens on day. So when we fought Liz Moosh, we literally like had to get up early in the morning everything was rushed. But yeah, I like watching cards early in the morning I love getting up having to copy watching fights the best but fighting on those early cards can be a bit of A. Challenge sometimes I've had. So before you were inserted into the lap of luxury Lauren ESPN's bread Akimoto reported that Cynthia Calvillo tested positive for covid nineteen we since confirmed that and that you were standing on the car to fight Lilia at first off when did you know that Cynthia was out of the fight?.

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