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Yes I was first introduced to Serena's work many years ago in translation seminar that I took with Jill when I was a graduate student at UC Santa Barbara and after that class ended Jill and I decided to collaborate on a a novella which is actually the only work that signal cumple and her husband your Cocytus wrote together and this was the murder mystery right so it was always a little where there is love there is hate on which is a fantastic day and we co translated it and after that Jill and I started talking about you know all wouldn't it be wonderful to translate more of serving as work and so then Katie a new young came on the same hand she's completing her doctorate and her dissertation is in part on seminal cumple Katie's Lateef John worked on the translation of forgotten journey a book of short pieces there has been also I don't want to confuse anyone a book of poetry from the New York review of books as well as another book covering the entire spectrum of arms Silvino compose cruise only found my own beginning point were these two thrilling little books let's hear who would like to read a section of Silvino com for who would like to go well if we start with the first class I can read a section of the olive green dress the first paragraph from his journey from cotton journey the very first spoke of Silvino from full let's hear the first paragraph of the olive green dress alright the olive green dress the display windows stepped forward to greet her the only reason she had left the house that morning was to go shopping miss Hilton blushed easily her skin translucent as a wax paper like those packages whose wrappings reveal all that's inside but beneath such transparencies where the thinnest layers of mystery behind the branching veins growing like a little tree over the surface she was age less in just one one noticed the deepest wrinkles on her face or her long white braids it was possible to catch an unexpected glimpse of her youth in some childlike gesture other times you seem to have the smooth skin of a young girl and light blond hair precisely at the moment when she looked as if old age had caught up with her the the first paragraph of the very short story called the olive green dress as I read the stories seem to escape from me as I moved forward in the this is true range quality of presence and absence co joint as she writes it's quite extraordinary and this first part of his good shows are because it's so zigzagging you know a first so it begins with a very odd sentence which seems like awkward hug display windows stepped forward to greet you of course that's that's very surrealist element of you know which was the time she was writing in but you know is she is she young issue old it's like going from its like and what a woman's your perception of herself but you were talking about how she felt about you look I mean I thought this is kind of interesting hello good example novel of of of that of of those issues and so it's very twisty this is Gerald Levin who is perhaps the guardian angel of these three translators bringing Silvino compost riding into our present tense one of the very present bookstore city lines as I read the novel and this is a book that in turn only takes place in the ocean a woman has full moon over board and as she fails to drown she's flooded the big flood in the book is non Warner member he's sequences of memory is that in cold inning cold one another she remembers a secret set of affairs and alliances that she had with another woman in another woman's husband she knows from and doesn't know them she knows secrets the Jews control her life which is not going to tell them to homeless accepted Thomas of the exist as she goes under Herbalife is being lit by the memory of what she no longer has access to it's an extraordinary idea for a novel yes which of you worked on the translation now it's really quite extraordinary because of course what she's doing is exploring both the delights in the deception of memory and when you know that she worked on this book over a period of twenty five years the last several of which she was struggling with dementia it becomes very poignant take to consider her contemplation of memory and what that means the way these memories for her and often she says in this book I have don't have my own memories the memories of others have become mine in the sense of fragmentation that unit also that how memories that you know that that she goes from one they they go through association which is true about memory and it's it's it moves by association but also there's some hello there she in some ways she's so many different people as he says or they are or what what's where's the boundary between me and them that's right you know and so she's like all of them and all of them or her being Cummings is famous for saying them everything but the circus and in the way the tense the big top of the structure of memory and combos literature acrobats clones they're not physically present the the metaphors that under right the dangerous trip of life is of course the time it's kind of inevitable it's her in this sense you know the man going to be called magical realists I would say she was a clairvoyant Cologne clear fluent ring master in a certain way you know it's very good but when I do that that's why and history it works very well for the forgotten journey because you know we were thinking how you know it because it's so many different kind of cars there's a lot of course young girls and and they're you know issues and and certainly performer but then we and and women of sole source and workers and and rich ladies but then what about all these this month these moments with these people or in the circus work because the clowns are there's nothing sadder than a clown you know that's one of the things you know yeah my mother I members you told me that she didn't want to go to the circus with me because this is the circus depressed her as for me I was fascinated with the circus and she was fascinated with childhood and she wrote once a she wanted to publish at a series of anthologies for children of children's stories that were it would be illustrated by children themselves and she wrote a prologue directed to the child and she's that I've thought of you often if not always not only because I like swings spinning tops carousels in the circus things feel like forever they're not your mom jokes also because the world of expression and imagination is yours and without it literature wouldn't exist Silvino cumple was born into an SRS in nineteen oh three she lived to be ninety yes and she continued to write all her life she began as a musician became a painter in fact had the great good fortune I can hardly believe it to study with Georgia cuticle whose novel have done roles Dylan's if you've ever read it it's one of my favorites was a favorite of John Nash worries too he leads you to in a sense a sense of what you'll find in Silvino combo V. on real world buried within the real one arm it's a very exciting book to read now Venus or women who wore translating a woman who was not collected would you say that she was neglected because she was a woman well I think that we all agree that's a strong part of why she was neglected but when you think also personal being a Latin American being from Argentina really a pretty marginal place up until you know fairly recently in history you know I'm Michael silver black you're listening to book form from the studios of KCRW I'm talking with translators Susan and Joel Levine Jim Levin Jessica Powell and Katie Lateef John about the promise and forgotten journey of Silvino cumple now brought into our presence in two new books both of them from city nine zero other books from New York review additions if you look and see you will find online it's all starting to be put together it's very exciting will continue after this short break why.

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