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They really liked they. Were going to get to do it again. Because they had guys like Bolton there in bond there in digs there and they really got to make a pit right there and they went. They went with the corner. And I don't think this is necessarily a pick You know it is A. It's a kick for their need in a sense that Ben went and addressed the cornerback position. But I don't think that out of the second rounders much better you could have done. Been getting a guy like digs. Yeah as I said. This was a borderline for frowned option for the cowboys. Yeah how can you can point You know he's I just don't see he's still see him being someone they're going to regret taking. Yeah and and I mean and think about it. This way like the the cowboys from what they'd been doing in these in these first two days of the draft. They've got to be feeling great because their rivals in the Northeast Philadelphia are ready to burn the city down. Let's take a moment before we move on third-round. Let's talk about what the Eagles did please. Tom Regale us to you know. Of course the eagles were upset because they wanted to trade up for CD LAMB in jump ahead of the cowboys because they were a little worried and worried you no worries came to fruition. They were upset about that. You know Otc DID HIS. Trolling the nation. And they were just livid about. We can't plug that enough guys. Go read that please. And so they were you know. The Eagles apparently decided that having to trade their second round pick To get up ahead of the cowboys wasn't worth it. So they hung on to the second round pick and they came up to after The cowboys selected digs and they drafted quarterback jalen hurts. And it's not. It's not so much that well okay hurts is kind of a maybe quarterback is what are they trying to do? Yes exactly when you got that. Receiver major needs at receiver. They could've taken to receivers and backlogs had them take receivers. They need defensive backs. They need a lot of different things because that team a couple of years ago was miraculously made their way to a super bowl win. That is not the same team they are. They they won the NFC east last year by default. So it just wasn't a great day and if you are if you have any time to go check out. Bgn bleeding nation. Watch just to sit there. Sit behind like a little. Just be as quiet as a mouse. And Watch the world burn. It is not suitable for. It's not suitable for children. It's not suitable any but I gotta give credit target our Guy Danny Phantom one more time because when we were questioning. Why would the eagles go and get a quarterback? Tom You had mentioned something about I use you had stepped away for a moment. And you said the greatest you know. They already have the greatest quarterback to ever win a super bowl on the bench and then Danny's reply was well. It sounds like the Eagles are trying to get Carson Wentz another ring major great great message Carson wentz fans. You are the man. You are quarterback. We're going to draft the guy that's going to fill in for you when you inevitably go down the only thing I can say after that after those that exchange between you and Danny was Dan you win the night. That's it right there. You win but it just. I don't understand you know maybe jalen hurts. Turns out to be a pretty good player in a lot of people have doubted. Jalen hurts in college and he has done a pretty good job for himself. He was a runner up to the heisman. Trophy with Oklahoma. But I just I don't see I don't see the the draft strategy at all in what the Eagles have done and I don't see how they got better in fact in the first round you can make. You can make in the first round Tom. You could have made arguments that they chose the wrong receiver. They chose Jalen Reagan instead of Justin Jefferson. So it's just it's been it's been a it's gone a little bit awry for them and we love it. Yes because you know what they spend so much time obsessing over us. We'll spend a few minutes talking smack about them now. We move on to the third round and I think that what was the most interesting part about the third round was yet again. Tom Be Cowboys. Were sitting there and they had a lot in front of them a lot of decisions that they could possibly make because guys that they didn't expect to be around we're still around at the start of the third round and You know if this was one where you saw some people that you really were thinking man if they could just do like CD lamb and keep dropping Zach bond was one that are really interested in and you know he was a borderline first rounder for Mitt for some people and he made it all the way to pick seventy four before the yes. Yes that was sudden matched him up. That was such a heartbreaker you know. Yeah he was. He was one that I think a lot of people were kinda hoping was going to hang around and you had some other people that might have been interesting for cowboys. Like Julian. Guevara and Ashton Davis. Yeah and they were taken before they could They could get there and Justin week.'. Was another guy that was maybe going to slide enough for them to be interesting and it would have been interesting to see what have happened if he'd hung around your but when the cowboys were on the clock You know there were still some good options left an and so you want to go ahead and announce the picker shall I do it? Let's just say who I'll say? Who's on the board? I'll let you announce the pig so the cowboys you know. They had lots of guys that they were sitting there. Looking at Jordan Elliott was still available. The defensive tackle they had curtis weaver. It was mainly. There was a lot of value in that defensive line and the cowboys chose they chose Neville Gallimore that got him another Oklahoma player. A teammate of CD lamb at defensive tackle and You know he's described as a one gappor and he's supposed to have a really good motor Didn't have a lot of production. You know so he. He wasn't the perfect choice. He didn't get a lot of sacks and there was a feeling that maybe he should have Produce Ola but more in that aspect. But then you have to remember. We're talking about pick eighty two It's a little bit harder to get a walk in starter and you know. This is a team that that side Gerald McCoy and Don Terry poll in the off season. So they weren't drafting this guy rolling out there week one. Yeah and and at this point and the draft in the third round. The Edge rushers. That were left. Curtis Weaver couple of guys that you might be high on but most of them were all unfinished products in all of them. Were kind of guys. That would need a little bit more time to get ready to be. Starting some of them need to put on weight Just to be able to play in the NFL So didn't Gallimore here. Made a lot of sense when you think that gala more can kind of step in immediately and play a role kind of he has favorable light comparisons to the former Dallas cowboy me collins. Yeah And you know he's he's three four which is a pretty good way for three tech and L. hopefully at some point he will get into an NFL oil run. Bad kind of that was one of the other. Things that got sideline was all that in a a fellow level training but You Know He. He's a good way to look that I like to look at. It was brought up because I was kind of a listening to a lot to the draft of on one wall on five three the fan and I think it was dame brugare was one that was mentioned that you know. Get their loser. Name their voices a little bit but I think they asked him and he said that all three of these picks had one thing in common and that they were taking about ten spots later than he had them slaughtered in his big board He said he had a CD. Lamb at seven and he got taken it seventeen. I've seen you know the cowboys said they had him six on their board on O'Connor lives the had him at six. Bob Sturm had him at six. So you know. He came in about ten spots behind Matt. It's great value for the cowboys. Saying same thing with trump on digs he was slotted somewhere around the thirty five to forty he gets taken at fifty one great value there and low behold noble gallimore. He's up around seventy sixty nine seventy kind of player so once again. You're getting value. You're getting a player taken later than the people that are ranking them on these boards. Say they should go. Yeah that has any sorry going at Tom yet to that to me to do that as consistently with all three of your picks especially with because you know the closure of the first round the first pick it is the harder it is to do that. So seething lamb was a big win in that and digs and gallimore were also wins and that says that the Dallas Staff is doing something right. Yeah and I'm just to further further drive your point home a little bit for all of you folks out there. The subscriber read pro football focus. I know a lot of folks like pro football focus. A lot of folks. Don't like them. Whatever whatever it is on the PF draft board CD lamb was ranked. Six trayvon digs was ranked thirty first and Neville. Gallimore was ranked fifty. I know CD lamb. Seventeen trayvon digs to fifty one when he was a borderline first rounder and Neville Gallimore. Who was a was a surefire? Second Rounder by most draft ports fell to eighty two quality. Yeah you just. You just can't if you're doing that round after round after round what it does is it just increases the chance that you're going to hit on a draft pick because let's face it even first rounders could bust in the deeper in the draft. You go as a general rule of thumb. The more likely is that the player just not gonNA work out. Yes so you know getting through the first three rounds in getting players that actually look like they were valued higher than that to all these outside of value waiters. That's that sensible something because one thing we found out that the there's there's guys that have survived and continued to do this. You know ranking of draft picks. And they've done it because they've established a level of credibility and when you see so many of them agreeing on this stuff it's a positive side it's not the be all and end all that's going to be determined when we finally get these guys out on the field and see how they play but it's good to have you know now we're coming up on day three. The cowboys have four picks. There's not a lot of likelihood that they're going to hit on those but it's going to be great to track and see if they're still managing to catch people that are falling past their actual value. Yeah because when you look at most drafts. They typically have a theme for teams that are doing well like I said. Pfm PRO football focus. Mike Renner who's one of those guys that people respect in the draft world. Mike said with CD LAMB and Trayvon digs. Never Gal. More than the cowboys are ripping the DOORKNOB off this draft. Every pick they made mutt. Were much higher on most draft boards. So when you look at it if you want to..

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