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What is this this is an art piece that's in a private collection in tasmania of all places nine eleven got stung by masol bees violet beauregard nine eleven eating the gum and blowing up it looks like you took a nine eleven baked it like a loaf of bread stay puff marshmallows right i think this i think it's actually called fat car this piece of art that's like a wellknown sculpture and i was so i was visiting this art collection has meaning and i was like that's bad car and the people with me where like what like that's really ugly what is it a real car under the it's it's a real nine six four under there i believe yeah if it drives the i can i get an exclusive test for road and track events travis to tasmania i wonder if they push it into the gallery or if they can drive it i don't know is it metal or fiberglass fiberglass for sure it's not or some other composite it is it's very very fucking ugly wow was that ugly a beanbag chair that you just put a portion badge on at the same time like you really want to drive that around in pebble beach right i would roll that telling it's kinda great it's like a throat beetle drive train in it and just like it probably think it has a motor probably the motor pros if paula deen was a character in cars for i think that's what it would be funny it's funny like i don't know i don't get into i feel like everybody has an edge that again to like some people get into this car art you know like you meet you meet guys who have like amazing collections and then it's like they ran out of cars they want or something so then they the start collecting these like twenty thousand dollar bowel house posters from like the nineteen forty nine monaco gp and it's like are you really into posters no car stuff to collect like let's watch game i mean that's how we ended up in the other studio here.

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