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She wants to get back into entertaining. Not just being you know, the news person drinking wine in the morning. Maybe a Broadway show, maybe produce something that she can act in your saying what you just said. I really bacon. See for a job of news person drinking wine. I know call them, unfortunately in New York. So trust me. I don't think that who likes me that. Well, anyway, because we did watch what happens live together she was super friendly to me. Listen to watch. What happens live show is like a powder keg of drama and conflict feel like they like, I don't know. There's all these weird little things were like Andy Cohen transit press people for stuff, and then this show because they want to be able to they want to be able to tell the the spill wanna say that drama makes me nervous. But usually with when I'm on with someone they're like super friendly. Not that she wasn't nice. It was we just didn't. We didn't vibe look. Yeah. It wasn't like a we're going to be best friends. And usually like I'm pretty friendly with people and I click with people. But now, I don't think she would want me do and that who we put in that spot have to be someone from New York. Yeah, why not like an unknown person? Why not give somebody that chance of a lifetime? Who was Kelly Ripa really before we just Kelly he on as opera. Her husband who than they had a bunch of peaceful cancer. Yeah. She wasn't like famous famous now. So like you could pull somebody from the ranks. Ripa? Yeah. That's true. Give somebody a chance and automation. We don't like men in this society. More. Did you get the memo? One other game gay men are good. That's but who what about Alan Cummings? I love Alan coming. I do too don't believe that. He would do that. Why not because he's like an incredible fest and wants to be in place instead. Yeah. But you still gotta pay the rent. He pays the rent just fine being an actor. All right. What about I love him? I really love. What about what that guy? That's in the devil wears products. What's what's his name? Stanley tucci. I also love Stanley Tucci. You're pulling out of the hat. A lot of really well known actors who I think are busy with their like movie careers host. The daytime talk show is a big commitment. It's a morning talk show. Like, you're not just make Michael Strahan. Do something else. Again, moving again. I'm over Michael. I'm honestly, I'm not I I was a name Fillon it when he was on Kelly, not feeling like, I just I just thought the way he left Kelly. Yeah. And I don't he's not watchable for me. It's like Megan Kelly. They're not watchable for Jeff props from survivor. I love Jeff, right?.

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