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People who can relate to living on mars better than i can the way you live on earth as a whole why don't i said jerry you say i would rather live on mars than live the way you jared i can relate to mars better the way better than the way jarod lives on earth revis how you say it going forward leave out the part and just bake it jared because in a group text to about fifty million mormons like right now you'll be in trouble i know trust me oh come back at those chairs you borrow from i don't know if all the mormons live the way you live it's just hard for me to relate not doing it that type of thing and i don't think abc far off i think she's a little more respectful she hides it better i'm just more respectful respectful i said jared the way yeah jared brothers seem i'm i related they're more relatable to me they don't seem as why jared delve into that we are unique yes i'm are me and my brothers are very similar and belief but we our personalities are different though yes i think my brother abe is more extreme not with religion but more extreme i personally you know good he's like a natural leader and boom boom black definitely more black and white is he i think is in between me and my brother you know no i'm very happy go lucky.

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