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I did not know somebody had to teach me about waxy like all these things i'm greek you know we we wax we need to act i'm like god these girls their face looks perfect and they they look like they're twenty five and win do they sit around the cookie dough like we used to because think about there's always a camera so they always totally ready oh my god exactly there in all the filters and oh my god and then you see them in person you're like oh okay so we're talking with dr ellen hendrickson she is the author of how to be yourself quiet your inner critic and rise above social anxiety by the way i love the cover of this book it's so adorable it is just so perfect it's it's this girl or woman basically hiding behind balloons but it's just like it's perfect because it's like that's how you feel bad exactly that a party you know in the social environment you're uncomfortable and you know it's interesting because i i i guess i never really had social anxiety but i can imagine how crippling that would be an end to feel and i my husband is an introvert and he gets social anxiety he feels very uncomfortable he feels like to make small talk is like you know what it's like water torture that's why he's stills cars people say jokes but but i can imagine how kirpal that is and so i'm wondering ellen if you can kind of maybe there's a couple of tips that you can give for people you know going to a party or who are terrified to enter this situation absolutely i'm glad you brought up the cover i i love the cover myself as well because somebody pointed out to me actually i won't take credit for this that the the woman on the cover who's hiding behind the balloon is in a party dress like she's out there she's trying she's not at home under a blanket and so i appreciate that she has gotten dressed up in his is is going out there to to give it a shot so i i like that message then as well as for tips.

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