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I play the whole thing if I could All right let's do about a lot of them though Leah in Marcus hook welcome back to WGN radio Leah My Molly thanks for taking my call Always glad you did I'm so sorry that you're ill What is it You know I don't know All right so here's what happened Always something right Yeah Late Wednesday night I started to feel sick It probably ate too much You know that kind of a thing Thursday it was awful I could not stop vomiting And both ends actually we don't need to be descriptive I know how that's about I know Exactly That's why God made wastebaskets and toilets And you seriously That was like 20 hours That was the praying to die period of time in this one Like I've said before I'm on you know oh lord take me And of course when I was 9 that was funny now it alarms John So I try not to say lord take me too much But in any event I was ready to make that trip believe me And then it broke where I wasn't quite that nauseous So I thought oh good well it's probably just a little food poisoning and all star feeling better Well see that's the problem I now just have unrelenting nausea It's not to the point that I can not function If you look at me you know like John said God you look so tired I was like yeah because I'm struggling with every breath so I'm exhausted Sometimes my temperature is slightly above normal and sometimes it's slightly below normal So it goes both ways but never in any direction that's weird but the real thing is the nausea so I've done everything right now I'm doing the Ginger tea I don't think it helps It doesn't hurt But I have a what Go ahead Go ahead I have no idea And it could be giardia maybe or it could be something else Who knows It could be Al Macron Well it's not okay funny you say that because I thought you know because I've got those tests the binax now stuff and all that I've got plenty of those And so I figured what the hell just takes some bitex now test No I do not have all my crown or any form of SARS COV either covi or CoV-2 since my next now doesn't know how to differentiate So I don't have any of that perfectly clean not even not even equivocal It was just negative Oh that's good But listen can your doctor call you in some compazine Because for me that's the only thing that works for nausea You know I've thought about it I might even if I look hard through stuff I probably still have some courses probably 40 years old but so what I don't think pills have really a half life I mean it says take one but take two man Dude I'm not right out of here No we don't want me to take two of anything I tend to react horribly to everything I take One aspirin I'm nauseous We'll take a composite man That'll knock the nausea right out of it Yeah well you know that's one I know well And then Kathleen had suggested that ondansetron I don't know what that is but she took that Never heard of it And yeah I don't know But I might have to get to know I would say take something you know If you know the compazine take it Well right And the first question is why am I nauseous You know that's the bigger question I don't know Well yeah that's true And if you have a fever there must be an infection somewhere Like I say it's sometimes a slight fever to sometimes run subnormal So you know FM dial positions all the way around That's about all I can say that I don't know So I have no idea I've kind of playing doctor Google of course never look things up on my skin The hell out of you And now you're doing it No no no no I'm not Actually I'm not the least but scared I'm more frustrated but I firmly believe that if it was casino pancreatitis is my usual bout But it's not that I don't have pain And I don't think you get pancreatitis without really bad pain from my background And so I don't think it's that Same thing if it were if my gallbladder was angry or something I think I'd have pain I don't have any pain I'm just nauseous All right so so much for so much for medical minute I'm so sorry I'm so sorry you're ill and I hope you can figure it out and get better soon I'll let you know on Valentine's Day I really was but John got me some lovely flowers Oh how nice how nice Albert bought me a little bear little doggy that sings They're my best friend by Queen Oh very nice Very nice Yeah Very cute It made me cry And we were out with a plate tonight because he has off tomorrow So we fall in love with that song mister fine by Mabel Scott Yeah isn't that good I like that too We were listening We were singing along We were like yeah that's a good song Yeah it is I said I'm gonna get you a T-shirt that has your picture that says mister fine underneath Well you know it's interesting because I had heard that the first time after I'd heard Bobby Smith mister fine which is a different record Now do you know that one Yeah No Oh so I have to play Bobby Smith for you then in the next break It's a soul record but yeah so when I saw mister fine I thought you know there's many years ago when I saw it on United I said well she couldn't have redone Bobby Smith you know Because this was years before it And then I thought well maybe Bobby Smith redid her about turns out totally different record But yeah I'll play mister Thank you Now what was that other song you played I know what love is all about Was that the name of it Oh let's see what did I play It's terrible to say you mean the Jimmy Brown with the last name Oh Skippy Brown so many days Oh Skippy Brown So many days But the other one that I played was Jimmy Forrest hey misses Jones I liked that one So many days That was a good one too Yeah that was a chance No I wanted to ask you something I don't know if you I mean if you buy sheet music at any time or if you know for some reason it's really hard these days to buy sheet music online I think it'd be hard to buy music period you know I think that the sales of sheet music have been going down since the rise of record sales So we're talking about a diminishing return since the 40s No I mean no before the online thing it used to be really easy is to.

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