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Made six months ago, wrong tapes, Gordon jerseys, come on. And also, I think speaks Kevin Durant. One of the most overrated players in the game. You can be both by the way, you can be one of the best players in the game. One of the most overrated players in the game. It's true on historical scale to Kobe Bryant number three. Aw. Yes. Killing me. Hanky fan. That's fan. That's accurate raiders fan. All accurate. Oh, man. Just my lifelong commitment to Kobe. Okay. Okay. Okay. Anyways. It appears that the Kansas City. Chiefs defense will be getting a bit of a boost in the coming weeks safety. Eric berry returned to practice yesterday for the first time this season following his torn achilles tendon in last season's opener as well. As the heel injury. He's been dealing with since training camp head coach Andy said, quote, we'll just see how he's doing. There's no pressure there or any of that just see how he feels and take a play to play. I think he's just as curious as we are disease. How he feels. We're going to go easy with him. I mean, this is a huge huge thing for the Kansas City Chiefs. Eric berry is their heart and soul is so important what they do culturally in the locker room. He's a really good football player. It is not gonna make them the Rams overnight. It's not. But it's a really big piece. And I do think it's a reminder that this chief team the margin of error for Kansas City in every game is small, right. We talked with the Rams and the wrong side of it. Eric berry makes two or two or three ply. Big plays a big play in a game that could be the difference between us or bore. Not chiefs. Absolute contenders is a reminder they've got some reinforcements coming to number four. A lot of attention was on Baker Mayfield. And who Hugh Jackson following Sunday's game between the Browns and Bengals following Cleveland victory Mayfield and Hugh had an awkward moment on the field and may feel critical of his former coach for taking a job with the Bengals after being fired. Also called him a fake in a reply to an Instagram post. Well yesterday may feel didn't hold back from this criticism..

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