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A. annual line from the Rush Limbaugh show great to have you with us well mark it as a pleasure to talk to you you are just my favorite for a Roth it is an honor thank you for having me on Hey you've just made by Christmas and old seasons greetings to you today well I had a quick comment for those people and I don't want to do it Euler but also tell you I set my husband kicking and screaming to go see the new Star Wars the reviews on that were so terrible but I'm a Die Hard Star Wars fans even allows the ones I wanted to see that we would call and I didn't expect much I have to tell you mark it wasn't good it was outstanding remotely out standing now for those of you who have not seen the movie you cover your ears will love because exactly why okay pulled holds pulled spoiler leave the room if you don't want to have that he gave me the the emperor Palpatine gets impeached leave the room right now okay quotes will again again on what I've got to say is really not going to spoil the movie there's so many wonderful things that happen in the movie this really isn't going to be a surprise but I remember I told my husband kicking and screaming when the movie was done she had tears in his eyes that I want to stand up and cheer why why did they give that will be such a bad review and I thought I can tell you exactly why they did they gave that movie a bad review because then in the end of the ordinary arms in the sun that made the difference the that is done helping be the Armenians and things of that nature and back why they hated that you know I have often pondered all what Ronald Reagan said on so many times maybe you can remember to mark where he said they're counting on you to be stupid and I used to be smart right my friend they said you know you can vote your way and some of them but you're gonna have to shoot your way out or let you want right where that's about sharks circle your your yeah that is a good lie so you think there is a second amendment subtext in this new Star Wars movie that is why the critics didn't like it yeah yeah what would you you've you've put them brilliantly they should you should be to you whatever the the new Siskel and Ebert is because you've just given the best two thumbs up I've heard for a movie and a long time I may have to join my kids and go and say it you will love it you'll want to stand up and cheer we are taking all of our grand kids tomorrow to go see it I think that everyone in America should see this movie I mean unless you are working all day you're not been appreciated at all but it's what you that through that lands of good versus bad right versus wrong you will see exactly what I thought okay well that's the best explanation I've heard them as to why a second amendment Star Wars Bates Judi Dench as a trans gender cat and is that see we should get you on every week today capsule movie reviews that's brilliant merry merry Christmas to you and yours have and I hope your grand kids enjoy the trip to see the rise of sky high Walker I we should we should we we should do we should do that level little bit a little bit more of the motion picture chit chat as of the close of the show dole's neighbor we are supposed to be taking what Nancy Pelosi in Cairo a doing seriously I find it a little harder to to do each time you know I was listening to and say here it is out of embarrassment rises in some of the show and they would go on and on about the various statutes that said James Comey during you know James Comey the guy you should have been imprisoned whatever it is four years ago now but oddly enough he still going around plugin books and signing Dale's and we keep getting tell lies the the inspector general's report was really gonna nailing him and it didn't quite nail him if you read all the way up to the fascinating footnote on page seven and thirty four he was kind of semi nailed but they never quite close today on listen to people talk him out of these broken this statue these broken that statute and the problem with the United States at the federal justice level right now is more basic than that it's more basic than that and we all know it now people said I well the inspector general's ripple wasn't really anything wait'll you get the Dow rumor Paul then companies really in trouble he's really gonna get it with both barrels right right think about it just be honest I use saws politicians in Washington when they could see if that way if I could seriously give a date as to when the multi trillion dollar debt would actually come down and you can see in their eyes they didn't they didn't think it you know they didn't have that and it's the same thing now just us you sell seriously if you can picture our economy Brandon any of these people on trial in a criminal court facing the loss of liberty for attempting to genuinely serve up the constitution of the United States and now if I the twenty sixteen election okay this report didn't quite do it but now the dumb reports going today really it's looking more and more like it's a it's this simple there's a club and if you're in the club you can do anything you want and if you're outside the club like George Papadopoulos pull manifests road just stone if you won't just stone you'll die in prison for nothing if you George Papadopoulos you'll go to jail for mis remembering to the FBI and the FBI will so dramatically question your wife about your norm crime that she'll miscarry and you lose your baby is he's not in the club and Brandon's in the inside and companies on the inside that's the swamp that's a swamp and the swamp creatures done go to jail it's as basic as that and that's a very sobering force to confront honestly in I suppose Republic with equality before the law that's a sobering reality to have to confront on Christmas Eve marked sign for rush love small still to come you're listening to the EIB network Rush.

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