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Me were short on time i slept bar answer that go ahead well what the german jew said is they're going to fake something that make you believe a lie moon that's exactly it convened they they fager history it's like george orwell's said whoever controls the past controls the future of the cia make the moon landings they're controlling the past people are still believing that in the history books therefore those people are still in power at lowered reflecting our future in a negative way again it's so so simple technology is not go backwards if they could go to the moon on the very first attempt with 1960s equipment which the competing power was one millionth of a cellphone then there would be bases on the moon by now they would have been on march twenty five years ago technology is not go backwards it's so simple now tech's sam i did cold asian bad i can't duplicate it for seventy years effect they're saying they can't return to the moon for another twenty years i think about that would kennedy set the goal of making sixty three the go to the moon by the end of nitric sixty nine that's like seven and a half years of much in 60s technology development the go to the moon and yet a half a century later it takes three time this long tinder villa the technology to call it better curious because people don't ask about that and that actually makes me question because why are we not asking why we're not going back i mean i it's funny that people just accept that across the board that's odd the army in the south pole as temperatures of about one hundred degrees below zero um they have hurricaneforce winds almost every day of the year and yet people are there because it is technologically possible if it were technologically possible to go to the moon there will be people there the fact that they're not proves that it's not possible otherwise people would be there just like they are at the south pole when it's one hundred mph winds and a hundred degrees below zero triumph or just of people there because it can't be done where if they could cut the main and 1960 telling they would be there today where did they film ness if they film this where did they do that well they did it in some secret belgian studio didn't take that big of.

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