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Come from the mouth now. What does does is. This is what starts the process of atherosclerosis. Even cardiology today says inflammation starts all atherosclerosis but they never seem to ask why somebody subtly get an inflamed blood vessels. Well the answer is what i just said it's the passages toxins coming in setting up shop using up the vitamin c. And then what happens. Whenever you have inflammation you have an immune system response so once the area becomes inflamed meaning very depleted in vitamin c. The immune system comes in to try to quell. That is in the way it tries to quiet is. It brings in macrophages which i believe it or not. Extraordinarily high levels of vitamin c in so many ways the immune system works acutely to restore a proper vitamin c. status to an area that's inflamed and vitamin c. Deplete it now. What happened is as long as the things keep going on inside the mouth and keep on seeding new pathogens in the blood vessel. This thing never corrects itself. The inflammatory process becomes chronic. And the wall of the artery deteriorates it becomes weak and in order to keep the blood vessel from rupturing because vitamin c is needed to keep the blood vessel strong with collagen connective tissue. Well when the vitamin c has gone. It can't make that so they compensatory process the only thing the body has left to do to keep a week coronary artery from rupturing is to try to gradually increase thickness of the wall. And this is what an atherosclerotic plaques. It's just the body making the band substitute but it beats rupture of the blood vessel and so it makes the blood vessel thicker and then finally the thickness gets to the point where it blocks the blood vessel off completely and you have the loss of blood flow to the heart and the heart attack and loss of heart muscle and that's pretty much how it works. Yeah no and and you just answered a lot of my questions. That i was gonna ask you and my my phone's blowing up by the way during the break. Sad ten people texts me and ask questions and one of them is this and i. I'm curious myself what you're gonna say. Calcium in the in the in the cells considered high cholesterol. No those are two different things. Okay oh yeah. No calcium not cholesterol. They know with regard to heart disease when you start getting vitamin c. Depletion the inside of the blood vessel becomes loose and watery rather the jelly like where the basement membrane is and when it becomes loose and watery calcium and cholesterol can start getting into the blood vessel as well so the point being is calcium and cholesterol will help accelerate in build atherosclerosis. But they can never start at the grossest by itself until you have the vitamin c. Depletion sti screwing up the blood vessel wall in allowing it to let these substances come in What i'm i'm curious about this with all the knowledge that you have of about the human body and how it works and that's and scientific research that you've done what is your diet. What do you eat and another question is red wine. Good for your heart. I think it's very safe to say a little bit of red. Wine is good for your heart. Certainly alcohol in excess has its own toxin but at a lower levels of intake. You're taking in a substantial number of good things including reservoir trawl. some other polyphenyls at Are present in wine grapes. And and those are all good substances so I don't think we have definitive word on that though. But i think you have plenty of examples of people who Have a balanced died and might have one or two glasses of wine from time to time with dinner. That's fine but human being being what it is that can evolve in some people to more and more and more until Until you've you've you've gone past the limits..

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