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First may receive a citation coming up here on Colorado's morning news gonna be taking a look at some of the ice castles Dylan will have that coming up here in a few moments right now check your drive again John we start our let's start over north side we've got a crash on a hundred and forty four if this got was about a hundred forty fourth right there and I twenty five really jammed up and that ramp to northbound I. twenty five is blocked by that crash so honored thirty six this morning to get on the northbound I. twenty five or Washington all the up to high we seven I speak to Washington there is a of a lot of police activity south of I. seventy six on Washington right around forty fifth that was so police activity after shooting overnight to store those to getting all the rest your drive or nothing like that you've got a really good look at drive this morning foggy up on the north side show up toward fort Collins Loveland Longmont agree the area around highway eighty five that's gonna be foggy also around birth it'd jobs down its reports of bargain I twenty five other rescue dot dot made great drive light traffic this morning enjoy this Friday morning this report is what to buy mattress for it's the year end sale at mattress firm shop now save up to six hundred dollars when you get a king bed for the price of a queen or queen for the price of a twin plus you get a free just will base when you spend just four ninety nine next update ten minutes until eight eight fifty a a ninety four one FM hi it's look for little to none the neck to Logan in Lewis show will get you ready for the Broncos final home game against the raiders will hook up with Mike Klis right here nine to noon on the voice the Colorado K. away the countdown to avoid season is on and the biggest.

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