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Hollis's away the suspect houses in England. I'm rob cherry HAMAs in England for the game tomorrow. He's been there pillaging or whatever he's been doing for for several days. Lotta things to talk about now between four and seven. I want to ask is which category. And it's a beautiful day outside isn't it which it feels like England here with the gloomy weather which category of eagle fan. Do you? Finally, you currently fall into would it be concerned and unhappy because the two thousand eighteen version of the eagles is more like the thousand sixteen version then they Super Bowl winning 2017 version, and they won't be winning week NFC east nor making a postseason appearances at your opinion is it satisfied they won the Super Bowl last season. What you never thought would happen. Whatever they do the season won't bother you. I've run into some people that say that whatever happens is your doesn't matter because they won last year. Three. Are you not happy with the coach the defensive coordinator and the quarterback after last game? But still think they can turn things around and make a run. We're number four. You still love the coach you quarterback hate the record. But still believe they can repeat as champs. I would say I fall into category. Fall a four I still can't forget what the coach and the quarterback did last year. The record is brutal three and four. But I still think they can repeat as champs, but it has to start like tomorrow. Basically, we have unfortunately all been here before the two thousand eighteen season. So far is a deja vu of the twenty sixteen season. Except for the fact that in two thousand sixteen they sorted out with three straight wins. And look like they're going further than they did. Which is it's been so maddening this season the losses at least in close games are blowing leads. It's very similar to the games. They lost in the first season of Doug. And carson. Games. I should have won that we tribute to youth and inexperience we can't say that anymore. The games they did win last season of the games are losing this season. And the games that they lost in two thousand sixteen last year. They learn how to win somehow the coach the quarterback the defense has forgotten how to win and they can't win close games. And fourth in the problem is they don't make plays on offense or defense when they need to an accident between four three and four and five and two. Defense offense at a key point. They give up four fourth and fifteen to give up four th and tens they fumbled on fourth down. Like they did last week. Instead of moving the change and the coach will say things afterwards. Like the pressure's off. We don't change the way we play when things start to go the other way in the fourth quarter. And I don't know if he's saying it's just take up for his team or not to get down on his team. But it just doesn't sound like a coach that just want a Super Bowl or they don't play like a team that just won a Super Bowl. So the question is how did this all happen? They go from a year when everything went right, even when it went wrong. It went right. The injuries. They were supposed to have more weapons this season. I thought so they a four year of JJ. There were supposed to at least a new study tight end first round pick Dallas Goddard a more confident Nelson Aguilar, who you could argue it was a number one or number two receiver based on what he did last year that breakthrough year. Plus Carson Wentz his back and he's hungry to win a Super Bowl his Super Bowl is quarterback. Because the last one was yeah, it was his Super Bowl with the other guy was quarterback. Nick foles. So so far Wayne's is winter's numbers are great. They're better than last year. Even. As far as touchdown to interception quarterback rating that type of thing, but the team record is role. Royal the matters that are three and four at a similar point last year. There were six and one they've already lost more games than they did last season yet, it could be five and two instead of three and four and few of us will be complaining, but you can say that about you could go down any NFL team right now. Go through the record go through the scores of the first seven games, if they played seven games and every single one of you could say, well, they would they could be five and two hundred three and four or six and one is that a four and three. Or two and five and said oh and seven zone seven. And you can say that every year about any team that there's close losses instead of being nine and seven you could be eleven and five, but that's the Bill Parcells line. Your record is what you what what it is what it says it is. That's what you are. You're a three and fourteen. I don't care if you could be five and two year three and four and you're not getting players. Like Carson Wentz back many. He's already back. There are a couple of guys that could get back injury. But it's not like it's going to mean that much. All right. So it's a slim margin of error in the NFL really is every year defensive line this year added. Hello de NADA. And Michael Bennett. The linebacking core as a healthy, Jordan Hicks. So they should be a little better. You would think but there have been injuries. And that's that's an issue again this week Derrick barn out after the season. Rodney McLeod out for the season JJ out for the season the absence of Tim Jernigan and Darren sproles has been a problem. And yet when they come back it'll help and Carson Wentz did miss the first two games. But injuries didn't derail the eagles last season. Last season. We were horrified. When went Scott hurt thought. Oh, it's never going to happen here. This is how it is in Philadelphia where we get close and something like this happens, and they put it behind him. It didn't matter the offensive line. Has had is you so far St. Stephen's was new ski was benched. Jason Peters is clearly not the same player. No matter what they say Johnson's been banged up. And he's been getting beat. Doug Peterson is not committed to the run game. And we're almost at the halfway point of the season. We've had several games last year. There was one game where he didn't commit to the run game Kansas City and said I got do a better. You know, you gave the Andy Reid is do a better job. I've got to reevaluate. And guess what he changed he committed to the run game. He has not committed to the run game seven games in part of his some of the runners. He thought he was going to have are not there sprawls hasn't played barely played this year. Ajaz miss is out for the years missile last couple games that he's out even when he played he was not at full strength Yeta. What a fracture in his back. So it's not like he was at full strength. And then he got hurt. He was not at full strength. And then he got hurt. He's for the year. So he was your main back. The other question is about the coaches that they've lost this year when you're successful, your coaches get picked off and signed by other teams Frank Reich not being here that that might be a part of what's going on. Mean Carson Wentz not taking enough control. The offense is that part of it. He was his first series his first series in his first game. He was changing plays. It seemed like every single play. And he's doing it too often or not enough. And if he's a franchise quarterback, which he is does he not need to make a play to win last Sunday's game pick up the defense for giving up twenty one points in the fourth quarter, which is inexcusable, but still if you're a team you Bali other out when the defense has a bad day the offense picks it up where the offense has a bad day defense picks it up Carson Wentz needs to win that game last week. He didn't. My bottom line. No, it's perfectly legitimate to question. Doug Peterson suspicions this season. And the question Carson Wentz is play at the end of Sunday's game at least, but he's still the answer. And Doug Peterson still head coach that figured out how to overcome losses that were crippling last season guided a team to its first Super Bowl ever at coaching. Maybe the best mine in the NFL this century. I won't say ever because there's a couple of guys I think they're better coaches in the NFL the Bill Belichick not right now. I'm just saying in history is a couple Bill Walsh. Vince Lombardi, for example. But it can be fixed. But maybe it's not the players are needed to have the pressure taken on. Maybe it's Doug Peterson needs to coach with chip on her shoulder because you know, you want a Super Bowl last year started to coaching like he's gonna win another one this season. Because right now, he's not coaching like that. So anyway, that's that. Those are my thoughts about the eagles would get yours as well. There's a game tomorrow. At nine thirty. Why is that game starting at nine thirty? Because it's what three thirty or two thirty London time. They had a game. I believe two weeks ago or maybe three weeks ago in from London that started at one o'clock our time. What are the nicest star game at one o'clock? Our time. You get used to it kinda like to have games then. I don't mind the four o'clock games. I don't mind the night games as well. The in this. This is kind of like you got the e everything yourself at nine thirty in the morning, but it's a little early for football game. But I guess this is what it's like if you're on the west coast by the if you're West Coast Eagles fan, six thirty. That's a ROY this one is that's get into that. Also, we're gonna talk about some sectors and what's wrong with them. There clearly lost. When Ben Simmons dozen player has limited minutes. Like, he did the other night. We're starting to see Brett Brown. Make errors in judgment. I know we saw last year in the playoffs. We're seeing it to begin the season in Detroit Tuesday night, the whole Marquel? Full faults experiment. The way he's treating them whether it's starting and when he doesn't deserve to start or whether it's starting him when he. He's not effective. We're not playing them in the second half. Like it did on Tuesday night when he was coming off his best first half of the season. And it's an early sample. But the Sixers have not shown improvement since last season. I know it's early since seven games in. Or is it five games in whatever it is. They're David losing record. Everybody's got a losing record in town right now. Including the fills, and that's not gonna change for a while. They have not shown a proven since last season either on the quarter on the sidelines. Too many turnovers too many bad decisions poor shot, selection and no cohesiveness at times. And frankly it or not so much fun to watch. Because when a when they struggle like, they do it's like I can't take watching teams make bad decisions. The Celtic game opening night was awful the last two games. They played predictable Milwaukee game was predictable because they're playing in Milwaukee. Milwaukee is a good team. But Detroit Detroit was undefeated, but they had that game and gave it away with bad decisions. Not just on the court, but off the court. At four forty Alon Vinokourov is gonna join us. Some EV hopes to talk about the college seasons about college basketball season about the start also give some early reviews of the NBA rookies, and perhaps Marco Foltz who's not a rookie anymore..

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