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We'd store. That's what it's going to be. Why not? All right. Let's head at eight seven seven three three seven sixty six sixty cents. Six poll is up at Chris Carlin because Twitter has an issue with us at WFAN is down for the moment. So our our poll is on my side are on my Twitter page at Chris Carlin are the NEC's the new Cleveland Browns. The early returns are not good Jason in New Jersey. Jason what's cooking, buddy? Boy. Hey, guys, going on love listening to you guys. Thanks. I want to talk about the next and she got bought it up. Free agent. Really go back to a team that was in last place with LeBron James. And that's basically because he was going home to Cleveland like they've gone this route before of hoping free agent comes there, and they always swing and miss. You know, their best piece now is a six foot something guy who can't get through the season. And that's the only piece I had together. That's the way they're going to go about doing things they're going to be striking out again look like this off season. Well, at least the draft Jason is before free agency. So the drafts in June free agency is until July. So if Zion is here, then maybe you have a better shot. What true, but they gotta start putting pieces together and just kind of stopped praying that people are going to go there because there's no real Lord playing in New York anymore. You guys get the play there. Once a year that's about it. And that's all he really seemed to want to do. Well, they're doing a good thing or trying to trim the fat. Then get rid of Courtney Lee in his canter and Hardaway then it can open up. Does that open them up potentially to? Able to get to. And then you got to figure it out. But here's the thing about Hardaway. What you're saying before is if it's gonna take a future first round to move them. You know, you gotta find a team who's willing to say. All right. We'll take a future we'll still be in tank mode in twenty twenty two and that will be the hawks. But he was already there. I router with Hardaway to get rid of a twenty twenty one. Yes. Because I'm saying, okay. If one of its twenty twenty twenty twenty it's tough because I'm thinking. Okay. Well, it depends may disagree rid of him. So I can have the right to maybe sign a good secondary player. Like now, specifically player like Aretha somebody like that to come along with that to play that you want someone waiting. Somebody like going to be a complementary piece. Yeah, I'm still trying to get Durant. But you still going to have the guy's gonna take a little bit getting rid of and his canter, Courtney Lee, and Tim Hardaway junior and your trading a first round pick your doing that. So you get Durant Kyrie now Durant at a reasonable. But I'm saying that, but I'm saying you still gotta get had loads have a little. Yeah. You get somebody like a resource, Gordon or my boy who was play Crawford. Somebody that's gonna come. Well. I love the Senate Gibson to fill the roster with veterans as willing to play for less because they have hope that they could compete win something I know because he saw that what happened when Amari Stoudamire and mellower both here. I mean, obviously, the salary cap has gone up a lot since that happened. But you basically have two guys and you traded the rest of the roster, and then you had to start filling in Harrison, Manhattan, Harris what's going on? How you doing? You're talking about the Knicks personal issues team cancer made a decision to take his eighteen million dollar it eighteen million. So when you made that decision yet to realize that if things went sideways, they decided to play all young players that he might be FOX out of playing time. He knew lowest going to give them the kind of money. He's gonna get he took his money. And this is what happened. Nobody also knew. But to be realistic about it Harris today's NBA he also knew that he could take eighteen million. And if things were not going away he wanted them to go. He could do this unlikely forces way out. Yeah. Yeah. Yeah. Try to force his game doesn't translate. He's not a guy who other teams know exactly what he is. He's a double double is what he is. I mean, look at look at what people are. You can't play in the fourth quarter. Just you can't believe my second point real quick about Tim Hardaway. It's free. Came here at the beginning of the year. And if you remember I mart, he played really well, two more. We cannot be your first option. And that was the problem. He they were counting on Tim Hardaway to take, you know, twenty shots tonight and to be the guy, and that's not what he is. Well, actually, they're counting on Kristaps presents to be the guy in Hardaway was going to be the complimentary guy. Right. Well this year knowing porzingas, this is why they've won ten games for the first month. If you recall hardly, we score about twenty-five playing. Well, he's actually doing other things going to the basket people were actually saying, you don't want might be worshiping a million dollars. And then he got hurt and the team is just kind of falling apart because when you lose every night. Everybody looks worse. And I understand that. But we Hardaway's your even your second option. You're a bad team. And he's second option still expensive the contract was was terrible. Actually, let's play the audio if we can of Tim Hardaway yesterday. So obviously Alonzo tree are you heard about the DM? He sends a DM to a fan, basically saying, what do you think I was gonna let Eric Gordon shooter? Three knows supposed to be a switch implying that Tim Hardaway junior was supposed to pick up Gordon, and he didn't do it. So Tim Hardaway junior was asked about..

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