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Requirements for vaccines to create safer places to learn and work. You'll see more of them likely moving forward. Visor was the first vaccine maker to request FDA approval. Others are following suit. Aaron Carter Ski ABC News, New York, a Greenfield police officer in critical but stable condition this morning. Happened after a police shooting early Sunday morning about 1 30 traffic stop on 35th in Oklahoma. That's when Greenfield police say the suspect took off eventually crashing near 27th and Beecher. That's when the suspect exited the vehicle and fired his weapon at officers. A 36 year old officer struck multiple times before two other officers shot and killed that suspect. Key U S ally expected to push for an extension to the evacuation efforts in Afghanistan. Lunchtime Tuesday, Prime Minister Boris Johnson plans to press President Joe Biden at an emergency virtual meeting of Group of seven leaders for more time, the bottom line from London that the Americans, other countries will have no choice but to stop their own operations to help people fleeing the Taliban takeover. Biden gets behind the request. The next question is, well the Taliban be in the mood to comply. Tom Rivers ABC NEWS London With the Taliban returning to power in Afghanistan, a former US interrogator and intelligent intelligence officer wants to help Afghans who helped our country. Sam Rogers tells WTMJ. He's worried about those who helped people like him. When the Taliban find them, they'll kill them. They'll break their families up as war trophies while his organization concerned Veterans of America supports leaving the country. It reinforces that this idea that we've been trying to execute for nearly 20 years was ineffective and not wasn't going to work. They will be working to help collect items for refugees over the Labor Day weekend, a big drive for care packages, hygiene care packages, women and clothing care packages. Rusty Mellberg, WTMJ news record rainfall leading to misery and disbelief outside of Nashville, Tennessee, Search crews are working through splintered homes and piles of tangled debris and Waverly, Tennessee northwest of Nash. After record breaking rain unleashed torrents of water. Dozens are missing Charlene Bradley and we came to the.

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