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We ask you the same question talking solutions. What can we do to help you? I think I spiritual charities one. We're looking for volunteers because we do a number of it. We're looking for people who want to participate in a number of the events that we put on because that is our mechanism for raising funds. Certainly we accept grants if somebody wants to give us a grant, but we want people to be able to enjoy an experience while they're making a contribution to the charity and a number of the things we do can even be health related. We have a PJ five K. I didn't even mentioned that earlier where you know. We've got the Santa Ryan you got all these different time hours the PJ five K each usually done either right before thanksgiving right after thanksgiving. You actually go through the glittering lights in your pajamas. I like that. And you can either do the five K you can do the one mile walk through there. So you can actually come out feel like you get a little bit healthy on a Sunday afternoon and get to check out the lights in your pajamas on top of everything else. And so I can roll out of bed and go to this. Well, you can roll out of bed. If you get up at two o'clock. In the afternoon. That's fine. With me if it's my day off in the morning show. I'd love. Okay. If you're looking for a host, I have a onesie. So I'd love to come out and could be in the market for host. So Leonard at who is our charity director because she could definitely be looking for host a great organization. I love what you guys do it isn't. And that's kind of what we want people to do is to participate in our events. And that's the way that we will take your donation because we want you to have fun while you're making a donation as we mentioned, we're gonna have all E info links and everything on the talking solutions Facebook page along with podcast of our discussion today, you guys are made to be together. This Jeff Jeff saying that we got going on here. Jeff you had a good idea. If we started a show together, I'll let you take it. We're going to call it double jeopardy. Jeopardy guys. Thank you. Yeah. Okay. We'll protect you on that. Thank you guys. Is there anything I'm forgetting other than everybody come out to Pennzoil four hundred weekend at Las Vegas Motor Speedway. It's going to be actually five days of racing. Two days on our dirt track on February twenty seventh and twenty eighth world about laws and a NASCAR in series west event star nursery one hundred and then three days racing on the superspeedway. We've got the truck race the two hundred on Friday Saturdays Boyd gaming three hundred and Sundays. The Pennzoil four hundred presented by jiffy lube. So be a great weekend speedway. In Las Vegas is the best place for NASCAR no-one rallies. People come here for this twice as nice now, we do it two times a year..

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