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Phoenix handed them their butts the other night last week like Brooklyn is flawed. Milwaukee is just getting up off the depth. I think he won 7 in a row now, so we'll Milwaukee might be trying to get things together. But if those are the top two teams, you aren't light years away from those guys, right? You aren't just to the point of like, well, we can't compete. Stolen the town. And then you've got the second tier, Washington. Okay, do you really trust the west's long term? We don't know. Miami, Miami got blasted last night at home against Cleveland. I don't add a bio in play, but still, I think all the other guys did and Cleveland had to have sex then. So I think the east is kind of wide open here. The Cavaliers are much better than we thought. The pacers are up and down. The raptors can't stay healthy. The 76ers we saw them last night. They don't look the same without Ben Simmons and they desperately need better point guard plays because Maxie is now struggled. Like every team has a flaw. So if I'm Brad, I look at this roster. Root for wish for good health and get another body shooter in there and I think you have a chance to make the Conference Finals. I think the team, okay, can we beat Brooklyn? Like, it didn't look like it last week, but I think if you take some things that you learned and try to, you know, just try to make it the best. And just after all the Nixon and the Knicks are up and down. So everybody's got their problems and the east. There's no perfect team in the east. There is no Phoenix. There's no golden stain in yeast. Right? Like, so the Celtics, I'm Brad. I'm like, why not? We can't just blow off this year because we think we're getting Bradley Beal or Zach lavine. And I said, you mentioned Chicago. I'm sorry, Chicago. Like, they look like they're going to be something. So, but you know, the east is crazy. But the songs have a chance. If you look at the east, it's not the west. The Celtics, there's no set. There's no 17 game winning streak in the east..

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